EPIX’s ‘From’ Fan Theories (Finale): Will Boyd turn into a monster and will Jim Matthews die in Season 2?

EPIX's 'From'

Although a Season 2 of ‘From’ has not been confirmed as of yet, that has not prevented fans from speculating about the show. The season finale of EPIX’s ‘From’ concluded on a suspenseful note, and the ten-episode series created by John Griffin and executive produced by the Russo brothers left viewers with more questions than … Read more

Elite: Who Murdered Armando?


It’s the fifth season of Netflix’s Spanish teen show “Elite.” Samuel and Benjamn have to deal with what happened to Armando. To avoid getting caught, he panics and asks for help from his friend. Samuel tells the police lieutenant that he killed Armando in order to keep Benjamn out of the officer’s eyes. This is … Read more

Elite: Where are Guzmán and Ander? Did Miguel Bernardeau and Arón Piper Leave?

Guzmán and Ander

After Armando’s murder, the fifth season of the Netflix adolescent drama ‘Elite’ examines the aftermath of the crime. Ari meets Samuel after going through a horrible incident that nearly killed her, and the two of them decide to restart their relationship. When Menca discovers a SIM card that connects her father with Armando, Benjamn’s fate … Read more

Dirty Lines: Is It Inspired From a Real Life Story?

Dirty Lines

‘Dirty Lines’ is a Dutch period drama about Teledutch, the world’s first pornographic phone line, which was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the early 1900s. Joy Delima (Marly Salomon), an undergraduate psychology student, is the protagonist of this erotically charged series, which tells the narrative of the phone sex business and the people who … Read more

Where Are They Now?: The Dropout

The Dropout

‘The Dropout,’ a drama miniseries that is currently streaming on Hulu, is based on an ABC News podcast of the same name. The show follows the rise and fall of the biotechnology business Theranos, as well as the journey of its creator, Elizabeth Holmes, over the course of two seasons. Also covered are the several … Read more

Pachinko: What Happened to Sunja’s Mother?


“Pachinko” is a long-running period-drama series that takes place over seven decades. Min Jin Lee, a Korean-American author and journalist, wrote a book with the same name last year. The story starts in the early years of the Japanese occupation of Korea and goes through World War II, the bombings, and the years after that … Read more

Slow Horses: Title Meaning

Slow Horses

We follow a group of British intelligence agents who make a series of mistakes that end their careers and send them to the decrepit Slough House branch of the MI5. The show is called “Slow Horses” on Apple TV+. Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) leads a team of agents who do low-paying jobs until they become … Read more