Sheena Greitens Abuse Allegations, Will Eric Greitens Be Arrested?

Sheena Greitens

Sheena Greitens’ allegations of violence against her husband became viral in the media. Sheena Greitens is an associate professor of political science at the University of Texas at Austin’s Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. In 2011, she married Eric Greitens. The pair divorced after spending nearly eight hours together. She came forward with … Read more

NYC Girl Valerie Rosario Accomplice Javier Vargas Also Arrested, Here Is How He Was involved

Javier Vargas was one of three accomplices to Valerie Rosario, who used Instagram to deceive and harass a 24-year-old male. Discover their horrific crime. Javier Vargas was one of the crooks that seized and tortured the 24-year-old online date (name withheld). The police and investigators found the four criminals. Javier was one of the first … Read more

Is Jennifer Lopez Dead? Fake News Trying To Kill The Singer

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez death hoax: A recent Facebook post claiming the death of superstar and vocalist Jennifer Lopez has gone viral, garnering over a million likes. When Lopez was later discovered at the screening, the information was proved to be false. Rumors of a well-known celebrity’s “accidental death” are nothing new on the internet. Jennifer Lopez … Read more

Was Referee Slavko Vincic Arrested For Match Fixing? Man Utd Accuses The Official Of Bias Over Several Matches

Slavko Vincic

Referee Slavko Vincic has been criticised by Manchester United players and supporters for his appalling refereeing on the night of March 15, 2022, during the Champions League final. Find out more about the allegations made against you. On Tuesday night, Manchester United, the Red Devils, were pitted against the defensive powerhouse Athletico Madrid, a Spanish … Read more

James Yeager Illness Update: As He Prepares To Go To Ukraine Terminally Ill, Get To Know Why?

James Yeager

James Yeager, a former cop and military contractor who is suffering from a medical condition, is still enlisting in the Ukrainian military. Find out what disease Yeager is suffering from. As previously stated, James Yeager is a former police officer and military contractor who has dedicated his life to teaching others how to resist oppression … Read more