Cashay Proudfoot: Find Out The Occupation of The Star

Cashay Proudfoot: Find Out The Occupation of The Star

The Challenge: USA candidate Cashay Proudfoot is a waiter at Smithfield Hall in Brooklyn, New York. She previously featured on Love Island USA Season 3, where she fell in love with fellow islander Cinco Holland Jr. The two began dating following the program, however after dating for two weeks, the couple announced their break-up, startling the fans.

Besides being entangled in many love triangles on Love Island, Cashay Proudfoot also has multiple occupations. She is also a dancer, model, and television personality. The reality star will now be showcasing her moves on CBS’ The Challenge: USA, premiering on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

All about The Challenge: USA competitor Cashay Proudfoot

Cashay Proudfoot is a model, dancer and reality personality who works a day job as a waiter in NY. Her Instagram is filled with many modeling shots, photoshoots, and a few dance videos.

When it comes to love, one thing that appeals the most to Proudfoot is a man who loves to dance and can accompany her on the dance floor. This is one of her non-negotiable prerequisites: a man who loves to dance. Speaking about her choice, she told Prazzle magazine:

“What I want is someone who dances—I think that’s in my top three—almost it’s more important than someone faithful…”

She does not like a man who smokes. It is a big no for her. Speaking about the qualities she is looking for in a man, she told Parade:

“I can’t do a man who smokes cigarettes, I need a man who can dance, and I need someone who’s emotionally mature.”

If given a chance, she would go out on a date with Caleb Corprew, islanders in season 2 of Love Island, as he appeared to be a “fun'” man. She said:

“He’s very lively and has the type of energy that can keep up with me. He’s not the type of man who will go home at midnight. He’ll make it to 2:00 a.m.”

“Growing up with a large brother,” Proudfoot also “love to wrestle.”

The Challenge: USA Cashay Proudfoot and her relationship

Although yearning for love, Proudfoot also experienced her fair share of heartbreaks. She has been cheated on in the past. Speaking about it, she told the outlet:

“I have been cheated on. I get so flustered when talking about infidelity. There’s a talk that can be had to avoid cheating. The moment you feel like you want to cheat on your relationship, break up with them.”

The 26-years-old reality star joined on Love Island season 3 in the hope of finding love and soon developed strong relationships with Cinco Holland Jr. when he arrived in the villa on Day 2. After a few ups and downs on the show, Cinco was eliminated from the show, and after five days, Proudfoot also left the show.

The former pair began dating post the show. Proudfoot even referred to Cinco as her boyfriend on her January birthday post. But two weeks later, the pair parted ways and informed fans about their breakup via an Instagram post and requested for privacy.

The solitary Proudfoot is now ready to come into action once more on The Challenge: USA and compete with 27 other candidates to earn $500K

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