Brett Ashley Cantwell, Nick Sirianni Wife Age Gap And Married Life

Nicholas Sirianni is the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. He is married to Brett Ashley Cantwell, who is also his wife (NFL).

Nicholas was the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts from 2018 to 2020. He also worked as an assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers.

He played wide receiver for Alliance, Ohio’s Mount Union College. As a sophomore, a calf injury and compartment syndrome almost ended the former player’s playing career.

As a senior, the athlete ran for 998 yards and scored 13 touchdowns. He also got a degree in teaching. Sirianni spent one season playing for the Canton Legends in the American Indoor Football League.

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni

Meet Brett Ashley Cantwell, Nick Sirianni’s wife

Nick and Brett Ashley Cantwell are happy to have met, married, and be living a happy life together as a married couple.

Sirianni’s wife was born in the city of Springfield, which is in the state of Kansas. Brett’s mother, Debbie Wiedercht, and father, Bradford Cantwell, were happy to meet her when she came into the world.

Brett’s parents have always been nice and caring, and they were always there for her when she was growing up. The wife of the head coach feels lucky to have been born into such a great family, and she has a lot of respect for her parents.

Justin Cantwell and Courtney Eline Burns, her two older brothers and sisters, were her best friends when she was a child. Her older brother was Justin, and his older sister was Courtney.

Brett’s older brother is six years older than she is, but her older sister is only four years older. Early on in her career, Brett Ashley worked in the education field.

The wife of the head coach has always been private about her life, so she doesn’t use social media much and has been living a good life up to this point.

Since Brett has decided to stay out of the public eye, it might be hard to figure out what kind of job she is doing now.

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Age Gap Between Brett Ashley And Sirianni

Nick Sirianni is 41 years old. He was born on June 15, 1981. Gemini is the name of the star sign Nick was born under.

Brett Ashley Cantwell, his wife, was born on August 26, 1986. She is 36 years old now.

Brett was born when the star sign Virgo was in the sky. Sirianni is five years older than Cantwell. The head coach’s wife is white and is a Christian. They are both from the United States.

Even though they are 5 years apart in age, they understand each other very well and enjoy spending time together.

Nick Sirianni has been married to Brett Ashley Cantwell for more than 9 years

Before getting engaged in 2012, Brett Ashley and Nick were together for a total of two years.

The couple finally decided to get married, which they did on June 22, 2013, at Schweitzer United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri. The couple’s first trip as a married couple was to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The couple has been happily married for more than nine years, and no one has heard that they are getting a divorce.

Nick’s wife Brett has been a good wife because she has always supported him in all of their life choices. The head coach is thrilled to have Brett as his wife, and he credits her for his recent success.

His wife takes care of the family while he is at work. Many people think that Cantwell stopped being a teacher when she married Sirianni and moved out of Kansas.

The former teacher and her husband moved to San Diego so that they could start a new chapter in their lives together. They planned to move there and start a new family.

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Nick is the dad to three kids

Nick Sirianni is a caring father who likes to spend his free time with his kids. He has always done everything he could to be a great parent and make sure his children are happy.

The head coach is also close with his children and has been able to meet all of their basic needs and wants so far. Jacob, Miles, and Taylor are the names of Sirianni’s three kids.

Jacob Sirianni

Jacob and his father, Nick, were often in the news together at different competitions. In 2022, Jacob will be seven years old.

Jacob was born in 2015 to Nick and his wife, Brett Sirianni. They are doing a great job of raising their kids and teaching them morals, love, and compassion.

Jacob and his father were just caught after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New Orleans Saints and won the game. He was wearing the green of the Eagles.

Taylor Sirianni

Taylor Sirianni is the only child of Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. In 2022, she will be five years old because she was born in 2017.

Taylor is only two years younger than Jacob, who is his older brother. Their parents are taking good care of them in New York City.

Taylor seems to be just as smart as her dad, Nick. Her parents teach her a lot of important things.

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni

Miles Sirianni

Nick and Brett Sirianni had their third child in the year 2020. The couple’s youngest child is called Miles.

Jacob is five years older than his younger brother, who is the couple’s second child. Miles just turned two years old in the year 2022.

When Sirianni tried to answer a question about how to help Jalen Hurts throw better, his son Miles went too far and called him Dada.

Nbcsports says that his son may have been trying to give his own opinion on Hurts’ mechanics or getting ready to name Hurts the starter for Week 1.

Nick Sirianni was born to Fran and Amy Sirianni in New York

Nick Sirianni was born to Fran and Amy Sirianni in Jamestown, New York. When he was young, he played football with his dad and two brothers.

In 1999, the player went to Southwestern Central High School, where his father was the head coach. Fran, his father, and Jay, his brother, have both been named head coaches at Southwestern Central High School.

After being a great coach, his father was put in the Chautauqua County Hall of Fame.

Mike Sirianni, his older brother, has been Washington & Jefferson College’s head football coach since 2003.

His brother was the head coach for 11 years and had a record of 101-24. His winning percentage of.846 is second only to Mount Union coach Larry Kehres, for whom he played, among active head coaches with at least five years of NCAA football experience.

During his first 11 years as head coach at Washington & Jefferson, Mike was named PAC Coach of the Year five times.

His older brother went to Mount Union College, where he played wide receiver on the school’s first NCAA Division III championship team in 1993.

Mike worked as an assistant coach for Mount Union in 1996 and 1997. During that time, his teams won two more NCAA Division III national titles.

Is Nick Sirianni Italian?

Nick Sirianni comes from Italy, which is where his last name, Sirianni, comes from. Sirianni is thought to be the first Italian-American to lead the Eagles as head coach.

Doug Pederson was fired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles on January 24, 2021. After that, the Eagles hired him as their new head coach.

On September 12, 2021, he led the Eagles to a 32–6 win over the Atlanta Falcons in his first regular-season game as a coach. Nick went to COVID procedures on December 22 because he was having symptoms. On December 25, he was let go.

He finished his first season as head coach with a 9-8 record and a spot in the wild card round, but the Eagles lost 15-31 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had just won the Super Bowl.

He also became the third Eagles head coach in team history to make the playoffs in his first season.

Who does Nick Sirianni have a family with?

On June 22, 2013, Nick Sirianni married Brett Ashley Cantwell.

When did Nick Sirianni get his start?

On June 15, 1981, Sirianni was born. He is 41 years old now.

Who is Nick Sirianni’s mother and father?

Sirianni was born to Fran and Amy Sirianni in Jamestown, New York.

Early years

Fran and Amy Sirianni are Sirianni’s parents. He is of Italian and American descent. Nick graduated from Southwestern Central High School in 1999, where his father was the head coach.

Sirianni played wide receiver at Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio, which is a Division III school. As a sophomore, he almost didn’t play football again because of a calf injury and compartment syndrome. As a senior, he had 998 yards and 13 touchdowns and graduated with a degree in education.

He played for the American Indoor Football League’s Canton Legends for one season.

Coaching is a job

Sirianni got his start as a coach at his old school, Mount Union, where he was in charge of the defensive backs.

From there, he moved on to coach wide receivers at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Chiefs of Kansas City

In 2009, he moved up to the NFL after a friend got him an interview with the new Chiefs head coach, Todd Haley. Sirianni and Haley met at the YMCA when Sirianni was in college and Haley was the wide receivers coach for the Chicago Bears. Haley hired Sirianni as the offensive quality control coach. Sirianni was kept on by the Chiefs when they got a new coach, Romeo Crennel. In Crennel’s only season as head coach, he was moved up to coach the wide receivers. Sirianni was not kept on when Andy Reid took over as head coach.

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