Facts About Brandon Staley’s Wife, Amy Ward’s Age, Biography and Family

Facts About Brandon Staley’s Wife, Amy Ward’s Age, Biography and Family

Amy Ward is the wife of Brandon Staley, an American football coach, and the couple has three children together. Amy received a degree in elementary education from Northern Illinois University in 2007, having graduated with a high school diploma from Sycamore High School in 2004. Mrs. Stanley was employed as a first-grade teacher in the Hutchinson, Kansas, school district.

The Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League are coached by her husband, Brandon, who also serves in same capacity for the team. Prior to the year 2020, he held the position of defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams and also worked as an assistant coach for the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos.

The head coach of the Los Angeles Rams began his career in coaching in 2006 as a graduate assistant at Northern Illinois. He remained in that position until 2008, when he accepted positions as the defensive line coach and the special teams coach at the University of St. Thomas.

Between the years of 2003 and 2004, he started both years at quarterback for the University of Dayton Flyers, where he also served as team captain and made significant contributions to the club’s record of 16-5. In 2005, he participated in his last game at Mercyhurst College alongside his twin brother Jason, who is an identical twin.

In a similar fashion, he was given the position of head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers on January 17, 2021. On September 12, 2021, he led his team to victory over Washington in his first game as a head coach during the regular season. The Chargers won 20-16.

Under Staley’s leadership, the Los Angeles Chargers started the season with a record of 9-7 through the first 16 games of the season. But in Week 18’s win-or-go-home game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Staley came under fire for two of his game-time decisions. The game was either win or go home.

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Who Is Brandon Staley Wife Amy Ward?

Brandon Staley is not frightened to take chances in his professional coaching career & one of the primary reasons for this is the support he gets from his wife, Amy Ward.

Amy is a graduate student. She graduated from Sycamore High School in 2004 and Northern Illinois University in 2007 with a degree in elementary education. In Hutchinson, Kansas, Mrs. Stanley had a first-grade teaching position. She is the proud sister of Amy Ward and the daughter of John and Deborah Ward.

Stanley Is Also A Sports Devotee Like Her Husband

As a child, Amy’s life was inextricably linked to the world of sports on a variety of levels. She mentioned in a podcast interview that playing sports was an important part of her life and a major factor in shaping who she is today. Both Amy and her mother played volleyball during their time in school. Amy’s mother was a physical education teacher in the town where she grew up.

During her time in high school, Amy participated in what she called a “club volleyball life,” and during those years, she worked hard to secure opportunities to play volleyball in college. She voluntarily committed ten months of each year to playing volleyball, studying hard to be a good student, and engaging in extracurricular activities in order to receive a scholarship that covered all of her educational expenses in full.

She started spring practice with the NIU volleyball team after her senior year of high school ended in December for the fall of her freshman year playing on the varsity squad.

Even Staley’s wife was awarded a scholarship because of her collegiate volleyball prowess. She recognized in the interview that her parents had made considerable financial and time commitments to support her volleyball career. Throughout the years that Amy spent as a child playing sports, she never missed an opportunity to show respect for her parents.

Amy Staley’s Age

Amy, the wife of the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, is currently 37 years old.

Amy Staley, who is married to Brandon Staley, is currently 37 years old. She was born in Sycamore, Illinois on October 31st, 1985 to parents John and Deborah Ward. Her birthday is October 31st. Joshua Ward is the only sibling she has that is younger than she is.

Her mother was a teacher of physical education, so she encouraged her daughter to participate in as many sports and activities as she could, including camp, soccer, softball, and volleyball. Amy stated that she didn’t start playing club or travel volleyball until she was in the sixth grade. However, because she was born and raised in Sycamore, she also spent a portion of each summer helping her high school volleyball coach collect and sell sweet corn.



However, due to the persistent pain in both of her feet, Amy was unable to continue playing volleyball. She started focusing on her studies to become a teacher while at the same time assisting the Northern Illinois University Athletic Department by manning the front desk of the Yordon Center, which had just been finished being built.

In a similar vein, her spouse, Brandon, has reached the age of 39. The age difference between the partners is therefore two years. In high school, Brandon played more basketball than football, but when it came time for college, he made the decision to play quarterback for the University of Dayton. After completing his studies in journalism at Dayton, he moved on to play for Mercyhurst College, which is where Jason was working toward completing his degree.

Children of Brandon and Amy

Brandon and Amy Staley have been happily married for 11 years, and during that time, they have been blessed with three children: Colin, Will, and Grant.

The relationship between the parents and children is one that is filled with joy and affection on all sides. According to Amy’s Facebook profile, it appears like the family is happy with their lifestyle, which includes living in close proximity to the beaches of Los Angeles. There was also attendance from Amy Staley’s children on the day that Brandon had an appointment.

Thousand Oaks, California is the place of residence for the married couple and their three sons at the present time. Amy, who is now a stay-at-home mother, makes it a point to advocate for reading in the community because this is a topic that is important to her.

The Staley family has been able to successfully manage the logistical difficulties that come with being a football family by maintaining their primary focus on their objectives. Even though Brandon’s position as head coach forces him to be away from home on a regular basis, his wife’s major focus continues to be on their children.


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Brandon Staley’s Relationship Timeline

It’s been eleven years since Amy and Brandon first started dating.

On June 25, 2011, Head Coach Brandon Staley and his Wife Amy Staley took their wedding vows at St. Cyprian Church in Perry, Ohio. Since then, they have been blessed with three amazing sons, and their names are Colin, Will, and Grant.

When Amy was just two months away from completing her teaching degree, she crossed paths with Brandon Staley, a graduate assistant football coach for Northern Illinois University. Despite the fact that they were both in their early twenties in 2007, she was able to recognize that Brandon was a man who had a strategy. And after a long period of courtship, the couple finally got married.

Amy had a career in education before she tied the knot. Amy started her career as a teacher in the first grade in Hutchinson, Kansas, which is located in the state of Kansas. Since that time, she has held teaching positions in a total of seven schools in six different school districts, five different states, and overall.

Amy asserted that she is able to recall each and every one of the students that she has instructed. She had a lot of fun working as a teacher, and there are times when she wishes she could do it again.

Brandon Staley
Brandon Staley

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Quick Facts

Full Name Amy Ward
Age 37 years old
Parents John and Deborah Ward
Sibling Joshua Ward
Husband Brandon Staley
Children Colin, Will and Grant Staley


Who Is Brandon Staley Wife Amy Ward?

Brandon’s wife Amy is a graduate student. She graduated from Sycamore High School in 2004 and Northern Illinois University in 2007 with a degree in elementary education.

How Old Is Amy Staley?

Amy is is currently 37 years old. She was born on October 31, 1985, in Sycamore, Illinois, to parents John and Deborah Ward.

How Many Kids Amy And Brandon Have?

Brandon and Amy Staley have been married for 11 years & they are proud parents to three children: Colin, Will, and Grant.

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