Brain damage and accident suffered by Archie Battersby during an over-the-head challenge using a ligature

Archie Battersby, who was just 12 years old when he suffered a catastrophic brain injury in April, has been in a coma ever since then. The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel is currently providing medical care for the child.

The doctors at that hospital assert that he has died at the brain stem level, and that it would not be in his best interests to continue artificially supporting his life.

A judge has ordered that young Archie Battersbee can have his life support turned off because his family’s final attempt to keep him alive has been unsuccessful. This afternoon, during an emergency meeting of the Court of Appeal, the child’s family found out what would happen to their kid, who had suffered a terrible brain injury earlier in the day.

The motion made by his parents was turned down by the judges, although they did agree to postpone or stay the proceeding until tomorrow at noon. After that, it will be safe to remove his ventilator support and he will be able to breathe on his own.

Brain Damage Sustained by Archie Battersby Due to Accident Involving a Ligature Overhead Challenge

On the website of business insiders, it is stated that on April 7, 2022, Archie Battersky strangled himself to death with a shoelace while participating in the Blackout Challenge on TikTok. As a direct consequence of this, Archie blacked out and became unresponsive at his residence in Southend, Essex, in the United Kingdom.

As soon as his parents realized that he was unconscious at home, they took him to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, which is located in the East London neighborhood of London. At the hospital, he was provided with a ventilator as a means of providing him with life support; nonetheless, there was no indication that he would awaken.

Hollie Dance, Archie Battersbee’s mother, stated that her son is “fighting for his life” following an accident involving an internet challenge. The accident occurred after Archie participated in the challenge.
Archie’s parents have been advised by doctors and other medical specialists to switch off his life support because their son’s brain has not responded to any stimulation for several days. However, his parents did not agree with the decision to switch off his life support since they believed that their son’s heart was still beating even though the doctors said it had stopped.

The debacle involving Archie Battersby has received a significant amount of attention on various social media platforms. People are talking about him and expressing their condolences to the members of his family who are going through a lot right now.

According to Doctors While on life support, Archie Battersby is clinically diagnosed with brain death

Even though Archie is on life support and the doctors have determined that he is brain dead, Dance is convinced that her baby is still alive because, among other signs of life, he is still breathing on his own and is grasping her hand.

She stated that she is optimistic about Archie’s prognosis and believes that he just needs some time to heal, despite the fact that physicians have identified the hand gestures that Archie is exhibiting as reflexes.

Those who raised Archie Battersbee, Paul Battersbee, and Hollie Dance are called the Battersbees.

The case has garnered attention from news outlets all over the world. The tragic event that befell the gifted gymnast has had an impact on the ongoing conversation on the right to life. According to Dance, the killing of children is now acceptable. It is disgusting that any parent would be forced to deal with such a precarious situation.

The mother of three and Archie’s father, Paul Battersby, 57, were notified on Monday that the Court of Appeal in London had upheld the verdict of the lower court judge who had ruled that doctors could legally stop treating Archie. Paul Battersby is separated from Archie’s mother.

After losing their legal battle, Archie Battersby’s parents have decided to turn off his life support

A judge made the decision to remove Archie Battersbee’s ability to receive artificial life support when it became clear that his family’s final effort to save his life had been unsuccessful.

Archie’s life support was scheduled to be switched off today at 2 pm; but, at 11 am, his parents were allowed a last-minute virtual hearing before the decision was made.

The family of Archie, who is 12 years old, was informed of his impending death during an emergency meeting of the Court of Appeal held this afternoon. During the meeting, the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, reaffirmed that it was in Archie’s “best interests” to have life support turned off.

The motion made by his parents was turned down by the judges, although they did agree to postpone or stay the proceeding until tomorrow at noon. After that, the ventilator that he is using can be switched off. Because of the catastrophic damage done to his brain in April, the child of 12 years old has been unconscious ever since.

At the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, which is located in East London, Archie receives medical care from trained doctors. They have reached the conclusion that he is brain-stem deceased, and that continuing to provide him with artificial life support would not be in his best interests.

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