Boris becker (Former Tennis Champion Jailed For Fraud

Boris Becker is currently being held at the Huntercombe Jail in Oxfordshire. He was moved there from the Wandsworth Jail in London.

Few athletes have ever reached the top of their sports, and none have ever done it as young as the German ace.
In July of 1985, when he was 17, he went to Wimbledon without being seeded. He made a name for himself quickly, beating Kevin Curren in four sets to win the title.
Becker went bankrupt in June of the year before because he still owed more than £3 million on a loan for his Mallorca villa.
A former business partner, Hans-Dieter Cleven, said that the former tennis player owed him more than £30 million, but a Swiss court didn’t believe him.
This month, Becker was found guilty of four crimes related to the Insolvency Act. He now faces a new challenge, which could be the biggest one yet.

Boris Becker got two and a half years in prison

Boris Becker, a former tennis player, was moved to a prison for foreigners. This made it more likely that he would be sent back to his home country.
Also, the three-time Wimbledon winner, who is 54 years old, is now being held at Huntercombe Jail in Oxfordshire after being moved from Wandsworth in London.

After being declared bankrupt in 2017, the former German player who now works as a TV analyst was given a 2.5-year prison sentence last month for stealing and hiding £2.5 million.
Huntercombe is a Category C prison, which means that it only holds foreign criminals who can be deported.
Also, he had been locked up in Wandsworth, a higher-security Category B prison, in an area for “vulnerable prisoners” like paedophiles and police officers who might be attacked.

Will they let Boris Becker go before Christmas?

Boris Becker hopes that he will be free before Christmas because he will be sent back to Germany to finish his sentence there.
Sources say that he thinks he would get out on a licence much sooner in Germany, where the law is less strict than in Britain.
Also, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison, but he was let out after six months.

Under the government’s Early Removal Scheme, he can be sent to Germany after seven and a half months.
The Sun says that Becker is teaching English to international detainees because he had to have a translator at his own trial last month, even though he is a BBC commentator.

Lily Becker, Boris Becker’s wife, had this to say about his arrest:

Boris Becker’s ex-wife, Lily, said that he is getting used to life in prison after getting his first visit from his sons today.
In the same way, the former Wimbledon champion, who is serving a 2.5-year sentence for fraud, was visited at HMP Huntercombe in Oxfordshire by Noah Becker, 28, and his younger brother, Elias Becker, 22.
The star’s girlfriend, Lillian De Carvalho Monteiro, was with them.

Now that Becker is in prison, his ex-wife Lily has shared some information about him by saying, “Boris is fine, and I’m fine. Everyone here is happy and healthy. I don’t have much more to say besides that I’ve been very busy with my sons. Everything is fine.
Lily said she hasn’t been following Wimbledon because she’s been “too busy with my family.”

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