What Does the Final Episode of Netflix’s Black Butterflies Mean and Who Is the Killer?

What Does the Final Episode of Netflix’s Black Butterflies Mean and Who Is the Killer?

Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle are responsible for creating the Netflix criminal drama series ‘Black Butterflies,’ which is also known as ‘Les Papillons Noirs’ in its original French language title. The plot centers on Adrien Winckler, a writer who is experiencing writer’s block and who agrees to take up an offer to ghostwrite the memoir of Albert, an elderly man who is getting closer and closer to passing away with each passing day. However, as Adrien becomes more engaged in Albert’s story, he quickly realizes that it is not a romance about two lovers but rather a confession about their crimes. Adrien was unaware of this revelation until it was too late. The events of the story have an impact on Adrien’s life and work, and they lead to a surprising conclusion that will leave viewers in a difficult position. If you have questions regarding the conclusion of ‘Black Butterflies,’ the information that you need can be found here in its entirety. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Black Butterflies
Black Butterflies

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Black Butterflies Recap

Adrien Winckler, a French author whose debut novel was a bestseller in that country, is presented to the audience in the documentary titled “Black Butterflies.” On the other hand, he is having a hard time making headway with his next novel. As a consequence of this, he decides to take up the elderly man’s offer to write a memoir for him. Adrien is hired on a personal basis by a guy named Albert, who believes that Adrien is the ideal person to tell the tale of his life. After Adrien has a conversation with Albert, we get flashbacks of earlier events in Albert’s life. In their conversation, Albert shares with Adrien the story of Solange, a young immigrant who is the daughter of a prostitute he knew when he was a child. Due to the fact that both Albert and Solange were the targets of bullying, a strong relationship developed between the two. When Albert and Solange were older, their childhood bond blossomed into a romantic relationship.

At the beach one day, Albert and Solange were fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of two young boys. However, one of them makes an attempt to rape Solange, and she is ultimately compelled to take her own life in order to protect herself. Albert takes care of the other boy to protect Solange. Later, Albert and Solange make love for the first time. Adrien is taken aback when she discovers that the memoir is a confession of the crimes committed by Albert, and she questions whether or not the man is speaking the truth. Even though Adrien has considered quitting the job, he is compelled to keep working because of his publisher and the fact that he has financial obligations.

The narrative is continued by Albert, who describes how he and Solange experienced a rush from the act of murdering. The couple had a habit of hunting down men with dubious morals and then murdering them. After some time had passed, they would engage in sexual activity and eventually begin to revel in the excitement of their deeds. As Adrien grows more involved with Albert’s story, the relationship he has with his wife, Nora, begins to suffer as a result. In the meantime, Detective Carrel is looking into a cold case that may or may not be connected to Albert and Solange’s killing spree across France.

In due time, Albert will disclose key information to Adrien that will ultimately persuade her that the story is true. Adrien, who is upset, confronts Albert and demands an explanation about how he came to be hired. Adrien, according to Albert, is the son that he and Solange have together. After Solange discovered she was pregnant with a kid, she decided to end her relationship with Albert because she did not want to bring up a child with a criminal background. Because Solange was aware that Albert would not be able to give up his existence as a serial killer, she ran away from him. Due to the fact that they both have type 1 diabetes, Adrien understands that Albert is being completely honest. Arien is upset after learning the truth about his parents, and as a result, he decides to kill Adrien. The rest of the story is around how Adrien reacts when he learns the truth about his mother’s past.

The Conclusion of “Black Butterflies”: Who is the Killer?

After having killed Albert, Adrien finishes writing the book and then has it published. It would appear that the problems in their marriage have been resolved after he reconciles with Nora and the two of them conceive a child. On the other side, Adrien severing all links with his mother Catherine, often known as Solange, Adrien believes that the fact that his mother committed murders was what turned him into a murderer, despite the fact that he views his mother as a victim of the circumstances in which she found herself. As a result, he will not engage in conversation with her. In the course of his talk with Nastya, Adrien gets a clue suggesting that his mother, rather than his father, might be the one responsible for all of the deaths. After looking through some old newspapers, he discovers that his mother had a legitimate reason to kill her second husband.

As a consequence of this, Adrien is unable to differentiate between fictional stories and actual events. He starts picturing his mother as the actual killer and becomes even more worried. In the meantime, Catherine makes an effort to get along with her grandson Roman. Catherine makes a desperate attempt to get away with Roman after she overhears Adrien advising Nora about the danger posed by his mother. However, Nora manages to stop her. In the end, Catherine admits that she found out about Albert’s role in Adrien’s life through Nora, who inadvertently divulged the topic of Adrien’s upcoming book.

In the final scene, there is a flashback that shows Catherine and Albert getting back together. She made an appearance at Albert’s residence in order to talk to Adrien about the plans that Albert had. During the course of the discussion, Catherine attempts to persuade Albert to deceive Adrien by appealing to his love for her. As a result, the conversation implies that most of the murders were done by Catherine, aka Solange. She hid the evidence of the crimes with Albert’s assistance.

In addition to this, she is successful in persuading Albert to lie to Adrien in order to protect her reputation in the eyes of her son. Even while the show never comes out and says that Solange is responsible for all of the murders, it is established that she is the one who killed the boy on the beach, her second husband, and her biological father. In addition, the chat she had with Nora provides additional evidence that she has formed a strong dislike for men as a result of her past experiences. Solange was subjected to abuse at the hands of multiple men, which may have pushed her over the edge into committing murder. Because of this, it is reasonable to assume that Catherine, also known as Solange, is responsible for the majority of the murders that Albert informs Adrien about, if not all of them.

Is Mathilde Successful in Capturing Adrien?

The story of Detective Carrel is told in parallel to Adrien’s unfolding revelations about his real parents, which the audience watches as they happen. He decides to look into a cold case, which ultimately brings him to Albert’s house. It doesn’t take long for Albert to figure out that Carrel is in fact the same baby that he and Solange had found during one of their killing sprees. Because Albert did not want any more children, they gave the infant up for adoption at a local church. Because the baby had a heterochromatic complexion, Albert was able to identify Carrel. Carrel is held hostage by Albert, and when he eventually passes away, the detective is unable to leave the basement.

In the meantime, Mathilde, one of Carrel’s coworkers, begins looking for the missing detective after he was reported missing. Mathilde does, in the end, uncover the dead body of Carrel in the cellar of Albert’s house. After reading Adrien’s book, she comes to the conclusion that the infant described as having heterochromatic skin is actually Carrel. Because of this, she has a sneaking suspicion that Adrien has something to do with Carrel’s passing. She goes on a hunt for Adrien and is ultimately successful in capturing the well-known author. However, Mathilde’s search for information on Carrel’s passing is far from over at this point.

During the climactic sequence of the sixth episode, Mathilde is seen handing Adrien over to the authorities. She questions Adrien about Detective Carrel. Adrien, on the other hand, is completely oblivious to Carrel and the part he plays in the entire narrative. Despite this, Mathilde considers Adrien’s response to be a lie, and she demands that he confess the truth. She argues that there is no mistaking the reference to Carrel in Adrien’s work. However, Adrien is unable to comprehend the scenario, and so Mathilde asks him to recount the whole thing starting from the very beginning.

Black Butterflies
Black Butterflies

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We don’t get to witness Adrien’s reaction because the show immediately goes to the credits. On the other hand, it would appear like Adrien has no choice but to relate the entire event. Despite this, Adrien’s interpretation of the scenario that he told Albert has become distorted. He cannot tell the difference between fiction and the actual world. In addition to this, it is clear from the interaction that took place between Catherine and Albert that Albert purposefully embellished several aspects of his story. In light of this, it does not matter whose account of the events Adrien tells Mathilde; she will never receive a satisfying response to Carrel’s passing.

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