Baseball YouTuber Alex Food Babies’s Age and Net Worth in 2022

On the well-known YouTube channel The Try Guys, Alex, a well-known YouTuber, can be seen as a Food Baby. See the sections below to learn more about her.

On The Try Guys, Alex and her friends sample various cuisines and give them ratings. She and her team tried various Taco Bell menu items in one of her favourite videos. They generally test out the American-Asian cuisine and compete to eat the spicier items, though.

Alex is the Associate Producer of 2nd Try LLC, a comedic troupe known for trying a variety of events, in addition to being the face of The Try Guys and Food Babies.

On the assembly line, Alex has extensive experience. Few people are aware, nevertheless, that she contributed to the Nickelback musical project while working as an office production assistant for the illustrious DNA Inc. She also served as the movie Monolith’s coordinator.

Fans of Alex are curious to learn more about her age, love life, family, and financial worth as the popularity of her show grows.


Quick Facts About Food Babies’ Alex

Real Name Alexandria Herring
Age 30-35
Ethnicity Asian-American
Education BA in Communications from the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.
Boyfriend Will Thayer III

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Who Is Alex? | Food Babies?

The Food Babies, The Try Guy’s food-tasting duos, have Alex as one half. Alexandria Herring is the woman’s real name.

2014 saw Herring receive his degree from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. In college, she majored in anthropology and communications.

Alex has made a name for herself as a prominent Youtuber and video producer as of 2022. Additionally, she has years of expertise from working in commercials, music videos, and a Try Guys video.

Career in the Profession

In 2010, the YouTuber began her career as a sales associate. She held positions with businesses including Abercrombie & Fitch and Gilly Hicks. She joined the Entertainment Delivery Group in 2013 and worked as an office assistant to gather expertise.

She started her career in production at the Partizan, which opened doors for her to work with organisations like O Positive Films and Pretty Bird. She has also served as American music video director Kevin Bray’s personal assistant.

She began working for DNA Inc. in June 2014 as an office production assistant, where she contributed to a number of well-known musical endeavours by the Canadian rock band The Nickelback.

Her LinkedIn page states that she also supported Jamie Foxx ft. “You Changed Me,” by Chris Brown “Black Magic” by Little Mix “Lifted,” by Dallas Smith Never Been in Love by Elliphant, All I Want for Christmas by Fifth Harmony, and many more. She also worked with BuzzFeed and Lock & Valentine LLC between 2015 and 2018.

While she was still employed by Buzzfeed, she worked together for the first time on a set of videos created by The Try Guys to promote the film The Shallows. Her first journey for work was to Florida, where all the movies were shot.

Taking part in the 2nd Try LLC (The Try Guys)

Alex eventually started working for the Los Angeles-based video production company 2nd Try LLC. Since then, she has worked as the company’s associate producer.

Because so many videos are being made at once these days, she frequently works with producers Rachel Cole and Nick Rufca. Herring assists with more involved branded video and vacation initiatives in addition to her duties in the office.

Instructive web series including “Eat the Menu,” “The Try Guys: DUI Series,” and “Without a Recipe,” among others, have been produced with Alex’s assistance. She also appeared in the 2020 documentary Behind the Try: A Try Guys Story.

Making An Appearance In Food Babies Episodes

In the Food Babies episodes, Alexandria Herring, a senior associate producer, attracted notice. She is shown with YB Chang, senior editor for her group.

Throughout the course, Alex and YB consume a wide variety of foods, usually during the speed rounds and then the endurance rounds that follow.

Alex and YB claim that the series began as a lighthearted mukbang between two friends before evolving into a riveting television show. For instance, in their first video, which earned 3 million views in its first weekend, they consumed chicken nuggets. Similar to this, the Food Babies video of them eating 300 pieces of sushi has received 8.6 million views as of this writing.

The Try Guys channel had previously been managed by Herring and her buddy, and it had received a Webby Award nomination.

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How old is Food Babies’ Alex?

One of the Food Babies, Alex, is now in her early 30s. She’s an Asian American living in Los Angeles, California right now.

Alex appears to be taller than her friends in her youtube videos. She is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall on average.

The same age range separates Alex and her buddy YB Chang. Chang, her Food Babies companion, is 28 years old at the moment.

The mixed heritage of Alex’s parents and ethnicity has been embraced

The Try Guys’ Alex claimed that she and her friend YB are both part Korean in one of the episodes centred on chicken nuggets.

On her mother’s side, she is Korean; on her father’s, she is Irish, German, Dutch, and possibly Native American. She was nevertheless exposed to a variety of cultures and groups despite growing up in Los Angeles.

Alex has been quoted as saying: “I did not look like my friends, and I also did not entirely look like Asian friends,” on the Mixed Asian Media website. As a result, I thought I wasn’t enough Asian for my Asian pals.

Herring might have chosen from a variety of careers, including singer, actress, dancer, and at one point, even astronaut. But she wanted to write in general, especially in the journalism field.

Herring found that journalism was too specialised to pursue when deciding on a college major. So she kept it more general and concentrated on communication and anthropology.

Alex desired to enrol at a New York university. However, after her parents’ divorce, everything changed. Simone Herring is the name of the other sister of the attractive YouTuber.

Alex of Food Babies Is Married to Her UH Boyfriend

Will Thayer III, Alex’s longtime partner, and they are now engaged. At the University of Hawaii in Hilo, she first met him.

Alex’s fiancé is a manager at Paramount Television by trade. His LinkedIn profile states that he earned a business administration degree in 2014 and previously worked as a coordinator for the CBS Television Studios.

Additionally, Will Thayer maintains a private Instagram account with the username @wht3. 936 people are all his followers.

Will and Alex frequently take trips together. They prefer to spend their time at Tunnels Beach, though.


Visit Alex’s Instagram Page

food for infants Alex has the user name @aaherring on Instagram. On her social media account, she has become well-known for having stunning beauty and a cheerful demeanour. The outcome is that the Youtuber now has 48.5 thousand Instagram followers.

Whether or not she appears on the TV, Alex hopes to one day work as a travel producer.

According to a remark from Alex on Mixed Asian Media, “I adore organising vacation videos.

I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and locating new authorities for all the tiny things we do.

Herring also wants to see more women from other nations and backgrounds working in her area. More female representation, in her opinion, will increase the likelihood that aspirants will feel inspired.

Her Future Net Worth

Feeding Babies Alex’s net worth is thought to be around 500,000 USD. She also has more than 10 years of experience working on the assembly line.

Alex, an experienced Associate Producer in Los Angeles, makes $66,680 a year, according to Glassdoor. She also earns a respectable living through writing and YouTube.

Some FAQs

What is Food Babies’ Alex’s Real Name?

Food Babies’ Alex’s real name is Alexandria Herring. She is one half of the Food Babies duo, along with YB Chang.

What is Food Babies’ Alex’s Age?

Food Babies’ Alex is in her late thirties, just like her freind, YB Chang, 28.

What is Alex’s on Food Babies Ethnicity?

Alex is an Asian-American, belonging to mixed ethnicity race. She is half Korean from her mother’s side, and half European from her dad’s side.

What does Alex do in Food Babies?

Alex and her friend, YB, try out different kinds of food, and performs many challenges.

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