Azah Awasum: Who Is She? Meet The Cyclist From The Challenge: USA

Azah Awasum: Who Is She? Meet The Cyclist From The Challenge: USA

Along with 27 other competitors, Azah Awasum will be a part of the upcoming season of the reality competition show The Challenge: USA on CBS.

Big Brother’s Season 23 was the first time that the native of Baltimore appeared on the show. In spite of the fact that she gave it her absolute best effort in order to come in third place in that competition, she ended up being the last member of the jury. The reality personality, who also has a strong passion for the sport of bicycling, has traveled to roughly sixty nations all over the world.

The first episode of The Challenge: USA will air on CBS on July 6, 2022, and it will be available to stream on Paramount+ for the entire summer. The contestants on this series are already well-known reality television personalities who have appeared on other hit programs such as “Love Island,” “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race,” and “Big Brother.”

Role in Big Brother and other data about Azah Awasum are discussed in this article

Awasum disclosed the meaning of her name, which is “able to make friends,” in her bio for CBS. The reality star is of Cameroonian descent and has the ambition of become the first Black person to win Big Brother. However, despite making it to the final round of the week, she was unable to win and came in third place instead.

Azah developed to become close and loyal with the members of her team, and at one point during the competition, when she was concerned about her friend Britini’s mental state, she even offered to go up on the block in Britini’s place. Being part of the Cookout alliance gave her a chance to play to her strengths and form strong alliances within the team members.

After reaching the final six and being the Head of Household (HOH), the Big Brother alum opted to eliminate Hannah Chaddha. She advanced to the final round of the competition thanks to Xavier Prather’s decision to vote Kyland Young out of the house instead of her in the subsequent stage of the competition.

She preferred to bring along Derek F rather than Xavier when she went out. However, Azah did not get the chance to make the decision because Xavier won Head of Household and made the decision to evict her and send her to the jury as the final member.

She gave an interview to CBS in which she discussed her approach to the competition and said the following:

“Find the key players early on and either eliminate or split them up into smaller groups. Play games not for the house but for MYSELF. I have high hopes that the guests’ relaxed demeanor will encourage them to let their guards down along with me. I want each Houseguest to have the impression that they can carry me around in their wallet.”

When asked about her family, the reality star shared that her grandfather had six marriages and 47 children while living a polygamous lifestyle. She also mentioned that her grandfather had lived in the United States. Azah also discussed the fact that she has three hundred cousins, that she received her elementary education in a Messianic Jewish school, and that she is terrified of manholes.

Since 2011, the reality star has been participating in pageants, and in 2017, she made it to the top five of the Miss Maryland USA competition. In a post on Instagram, Azah expressed her gratitude to both the audience and her family for their support in helping her carry on the tradition of her grandmother. She said:

“I’d like to express my gratitude to my close friends and family. Given that this is going to be my final year of eligibility, you should definitely keep me in your prayers because this is going to be a tough pill to take. I give thanks to God for planting the seed in my heart for more than one vision at the same time. I am moving forward confidently toward my objectives and hopes.” More Information Regarding: The Challenge in the USA

The following is what is written in The Challenge: USA’s official plot summary:

“Reality television heavyweights from the CBS world will compete in “The Challenge” for the very first time, and it will be the most challenging and unpredictable game of their whole careers. Players will be in a perpetual state of paranoia due to the ever-changing nature of the game, and they will be unable to trust anyone other than themselves.”

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