Why Did Austin Mcbroom’s Face and Teeth Change? He was hit by AnEsonGib Knock Out Fairly Hard

Why Did Austin Mcbroom’s Face and Teeth Change? He was hit by AnEsonGib Knock Out Fairly Hard

A basketball player and social media sensation, Austin Mcbroom.

Together with his fiance, he runs the YouTube channel “The ACE Family.” Austin started out sharing music videos on social media, but he soon switched to full-time vlogging. His films captured the spectacular birth of their daughter and his fianc√©e’s marriage proposal.

Austin Mcbroom
Austin Mcbroom

What transpired with McBroom’s Face and Teeth?

YouTube personality Austin McBroom was taken to the hospital after AnEsonGib knocked him to the ground five times during their boxing match.

The two social media stars fought in the main event of the Social Gloves 2 event in Los Angeles in front of tens of thousands of spectators as YouTube once more joined the world of boxing. The 30-year-old McBroom floored Gib in the opening round of an intense fight in an attempt to knock him out quickly, but Gib’s Middle Eastern opponent countered with a flurry of potent blows.

Gib had already knocked McBroom to the ground five times in the opening four rounds when referee Jack Reiss declared the fight over. McBroom then claimed victory on his tour of the United States.

Doctors rushed into the arena to assess McBroom, a Californian YouTube sensation, before deciding that he required more medical attention at a hospital. Gib said in the round, “He flew from England to KO the CEO,” following the fight.

Gib was intended to mention his YouTube rival KSI, who has made a comeback and recently won two battles in one night, but instead simply wrote “No sympathy” after winning. Gib was hesitant to provide details when asked about who his potential next victim was.

He declared that he has been working out very hard and that he plans to continue doing so as he eagerly awaits his upcoming fight. “Whatever makes money now is sensible. He’ll see who my opponents are and what the future has in store.” “He has gotten his retribution; ISI got his atonement.

Austin underwent a thorough examination and was determined to have a few wounds; now, according to the doctors, he is recovering.

¬†Austin McBroom’s Career

On May 22, 1990, McBroom was born in Los Angeles.

He spent time at Central Michigan and played basketball in college. & Saint Louis and Eastern Washington. He was not taken in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Both McBroom and his future wife, Catherine Paiz, had substantial social media followings.

Catherine has modeled for Azzelia Swimwear and Victoria’s Secret. They were seen making fun of one another on their early channels. They chose to combine their platforms when Paiz became pregnant with their first kid.

More than 18.8 million people are subscribers to the ACE Family’s YouTube account. According to Distractify, the ACE Family page had 1 million users in 2017. By 2018, it had 10 million users; by 2019, it had 17 million; and by 2022, it had 18.8 million. The initials ACE stand for Austin, Catherine, and Elle.

Before they met on their own, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz each had their sights set on famous people; Paiz and McBroom each had substantial social media followings. However, once they started dating and chose to combine their social star power, they became an unstoppable camera-friendly couple.

As blogging about daily activities is currently popular, they created a YouTube channel together and started doing that. After welcoming their first child in 2016, the couple decided to go by the moniker “The ACE Family,” which stands for Auston, Catherine, and Elle.

The channel’s popularity has exploded in a relatively short period of time. In 2018 and 2020, the McBrooms had two more children, Alaia and Steel, and they continued to share and give the world blessings via their cherished family memories.

After two months of planning, Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib finally shook hands on Friday night.

AnEsonGib restored himself as a key player in YouTube boxing with a thrilling comeback knockout victory over Austin McBroom in the main event. After being knocked down in the first round, the British fighter got back up and used five knockdowns to defeat his bitter opponent.

When the Saudi Arabian-born influencer won his rematch following a heist and a devastating defeat in his professional debut, all eyes were on him. He scored five punches to knock out Social Gloves promoter McBroom after rising from a knockdown in a performance that will go down in YouTube boxing history.

No winner was declared after Cory Wharton and Chase Demoor’s demonstration match, the first celebrity match of the evening, ended without any notable strikes being scored.

If there had been scorecards, Wharton most likely would have prevailed because Demoor was unable to even keep his mouthpiece in, much less deliver a punch.

Demoor singled out Tayler Holder in his post-fight interview, a fight that would have been practically impossible given their 40-pound weight difference. Wharton has pledged to rematch, but against a stronger foe this time.

The size difference was once again a crucial element when Adam Saleh and Landon McBroom drew in an ICB middleweight title bout as the first professional fight of the celebrity half of the evening. A significant early exchange was McBroom’s second-round barrage of attempts to assert himself, but Saleh deflected the most of them.

Although Saleh occasionally found McBroom’s ring control to be a little difficult to handle, the New Yorker seemed to be the superior boxer when he chose to throw punches. A terrible result for Social Gloves, whose other celebrity matches on the undercard were exhibitions without results.

NFL running backs faced off in one of the night’s big events, as Leon Bell decisively knocked out Adrian Peterson. The two didn’t throw many punches in the first exchanges before deciding to work behind them in the second. Early in the second, Bell lost his footing and collapsed to the floor; nevertheless, even though a punch was thrown, it wasn’t regarded as a knockdown.

Bell shown some promise in an otherwise ordinary round, landing a hard jab and doing nothing in the fourth, while the action only slightly picked up in the third. But Bell ultimately prevailed after landing a powerful right hand over the top at the start of the fifth to knock Peterson to the ground.

Why is Austin McBroom Being Fought By AnEsonGib?

Taylor Holder and AnEsonGib squared off in the YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing match that was hosted as the undercard at McBroom.

The result, a majority draw, was regarded as controversial. AnEsonGib felt “robbed” when the appeal was ultimately overturned and he was awarded a unanimous decision victory.

AnEsonGib believes that McBroom and Social Gloves are to blame for Holder’s fight ending in a draw. AnEsonGib is looking for some sort of payback since he has a personal grudge. McBroom made fun of AnEsonGib’s desire for “revenge” and guaranteed Dexerto that he would triumph on July 30.

According to McBroom, he’s funny because he frequently says stuff like, “I’m going to beat up the CEO of Social Gloves,” and other statements along those lines.

He is using it as an excuse for why I defeated him because of what will happen on July 30. Oh, that’s his event; he should have defeated me, he’s going to claim. It’s weak. He made a bad choice to go that route. But he is using that as an excuse, and it will come back to bite him.

The July 30 event was delayed and ultimately rescheduled for September 10 due to AnEsonGib’s health issues. The combat was postponed, but prior to that, McBroom had said on Instagram that he was willing to hold off until he received AnEsonGib’s lab findings from Los Angeles. AnEsonGib afterwards tweeted a video outlining his position. He claimed that in order to be cleared to fight, he needed to go through more medical examination.

Austin Mcbroom
Austin Mcbroom

Net Worth of Austin McBroom in 2022

Unlike his opponent AnEsonGib, McBroom supposedly has a net worth of $2 million.

He rose to fame as a social media celebrity and currently has more than a million TikTok and 7 million Instagram followers. There are 19 million subscribers to his family’s The ACE Family YouTube channel, which is a sizable number. The song, which has more than 4 billion views, details his married life with Catherine Paiz. Just their proposal video has received over 34 million views.

In 2019, the couple paid $1 million cash and borrowed nearly $9 million to buy a $10.6 million house in Woodland Hills, California. The property was claimed to incur monthly costs of $70,000.

The property was later finished with millions of dollars, including two mansions, a basketball court that was only partially used, and an enormous infinity pool. On July 7, 2021, it was revealed that the couple had stopped making payments and the house had into pre-foreclosure, so the happy ending was not realized.

Then advertisements for $10 million began. In March 2022, they moved into a rental home whose monthly rent was set at $50,000.

Additional controversy was created by the Social Gloves event, which some people felt did not raise as much money as promised. 2.2 million Pay Per View purchases were anticipated. The only PPV purchases for the event were 136,000, according to a complaint.

The number of PPV purchases for his showdown with AnEsonGib is eagerly anticipated by fans.

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