Is Aqib Talib’s brother in custody? Yaqub Salik Talib Is The Suspect In The Texas Shooting At Lancaster Community Park

Is Aqib Talib’s brother in custody? Yaqub Salik Talib Is The Suspect In The Texas Shooting At Lancaster Community Park

Police in Texas have identified Yaqub Salik Talib as a suspect in the shooting death of a coach during a minor football game.

Talib is charged with killing a man in a shooting that happened on Saturday night, according to police in Lancaster, a community close to Dallas. Authorities have not yet been able to identify the individual, despite the fact that family and acquaintances claim he was a coach.

He was still at large as of late Sunday, and an arrest warrant had been issued. The Associated Press sent a message on Monday demanding further information about their search for him.

The suspect in the shooting at Lancaster Community Park is Yaqub Salik Talib

According to TMZ Sports, Yaqub Salik Talib, the brother of former NFL player and current Amazon NFL studio pundit Aqib Talib, is a prime suspect in the killing of a young football coach.

According to Lancaster, Texas police, the shooting incident was caused by a quarrel between the coaching staff and the refereeing team, as reported by

The coaches began to argue as the conversation went on, and one of the attackers fired the gun into the crowd. According to the information provided by Marca, one individual was shot and passed away at a nearby hospital.

According to Dragons president Mike Freeman, the argument began when Hickmon moved to pick up a football and it was kicked away. The shot-dead youth coach has been identified as Michael Hickmon by a number of media outlets.

Yaqub Talib was additionally arrested for public intoxication in June 2014 after it was reported that he allegedly tossed bottles and caused a disturbance at a Dallas nightclub.

 Yaqub Talib’s Charges

Police are seeking for Yaqub Talib following a gunshot during a youth football game in Dallas; he has not yet been detained.

Numerous 911 calls were made from Lancaster Community Park shortly after the shooting, just before 9 o’clock. The situation surrounding the alleged participation of Aqib Talib’s brother in the altercation that preceded the shooting is unclear.

A video filmed at the scene shows five gunfire, and for about 40 seconds the camera flies to the grass. The video shows an unknown shooter opening fire, and screaming can be heard off-camera.

Even though the victim was taken to a hospital and ultimately pronounced dead, authorities have not released their identify. CNN has gotten in touch with the deceased man’s relatives.

Who Are The Victims Of The Shooting In The Dallas Suburb?

According to allegations made by the coaches of the young squad DEA Dragons, Mike Hickmon is the individual who is alleged to have been slain in the incident in the Dallas suburb.

Hickmon, 43, had previously participated in athletics at Maceo Smith High School and then the University of North Texas. According to US News, he had been the team’s offensive coach for two years.

When the shot was fired, his 9-year-old son was also on the field. According to Watson, there were possibly 80 kids present when it happened.

Mike Freeman, the chairman of the Dragons, allegedly saw one of his coaches lying on the ground. He was more than just a coach; he was also a great man, father, role model, and leader.

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