Anya Firestone: Net Worth, Career, Family, Partner And More Of The Cast From Real Girlfriends in Paris

Anya Firestone, a participant on the reality show Real Girlfriends in Paris, may have amassed a considerable wealth as a result of her line of work.

Anya Firestone
Anya Firestone

Firestone is a scholar who specializes in art and culture theory. She is a top expert on a variety of businesses in addition to being a creative strategist. In addition to this, her work involves collaborations in both New York and Paris. She established herself as a respected art historian and curator over the course of several decades.

Anya is a member of the team of Maison Firestone, which is responsible for Cultural Branding and Events. In addition to this, the art theorist offers experience in the luxury enterprise. Her responsibilities include factually accurate high-concept VIP client programs, public appearances, and interactive campaign management.

In addition to this, the campaigns assist to strengthen the individuality of the brand by associating it with various forms of art and culture. Anya is an accredited art critic in addition to her role as a licensed museum lecturer and curator. Her website is where she handles all of the work that is related to art.

Anya Firestone: Biography

Firestone is a successful businessman in addition to being an art thinker and critic. As a result of the work that she did for Highsnobiety Magazine in 2014 as the Art x Brand Collaboration Critic, the art historian saw a rise in her renown in the field of partnerships. She achieved popularity and established herself as a well-known voice.

After these essays were published in the magazine and received positive feedback, Firestone launched her own website called Maison Firestone. Through the work that she did, she gave alliances a real-world, experienced dimension. Her customers get to experience luxury brands alongside those associated with culture.

For her client, Firestone created the remarkable intellectual presence in the communications theater that was filled with agencies. At an early age, she already had the inclination to communicate the story via the medium of her art and her culture. Her museum-touring business was one of the first things she established when she began her career as an art historian. She plans and hosts private treasure hunts that are immersive and take place throughout Paris.

In his book, Firestone discusses a wide variety of topics, including art, history, politics, and literature. The entrepreneur created an impression at venus, the Musée du Louvre, and Musée d’Orsay in her starting phase. After spending some time in Paris, she eventually made it back to New York City in time to take on the role of Head of Curation for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt.

Firestone has joined the ranks of the public exhibition members of New York City. She was a participant in an auction held by Sotheby’s, and Paddle8 featured over one hundred alliances and two hundred and fifty entertainers. A number of well-known artists, including Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid, Tracey Emin, Peter Beard, Marc Quinn, RETNA, and Ralph Lauren, are contributing works to the auction.

As the Senior Director of a prestigious New York gallery, Firestone created a name for herself in the art world. She is employed in the fields of contemporary art sales and exhibition curation. The art historian used to deal with mid-century art and design on international platforms such as Basel, London, Paris, New York, Miami, and San Francisco. These are only few of the places they worked.

During her time at New York Gallery, Firestone was known for providing advice to prominent members of the architectural and design communities, as well as collectors and media outlets. She had previous employment at Harper’s Bazaar, Peter Marino, and Christian Dior.

Anya Firestone’s Boyfriend Matthieu Rasset

Anya, a member of the cast of Real Girlfriend, is engaged to the character of Rasset. She adores being referred to as the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel of France, and it is one of her favorite names. She entertained guests for dinner while her boyfriend and their puppy Zsa Zasa were present.

Firestone sent Rasset a picture of themselves sitting together as a gentleman on a park seat. On August 13, Firestone commemorated the fifth year since she was founded. The two people fell in love after meeting for the first time at Hemingway.

Rasset is a data scientist and luxury business specialist who lives in France. He is an avid fan of Firestone. He received his education in physics and mathematics from his parents, who both worked as educators. The scientist had brought up the connection between mathematics and the scientific method. In addition to this, he possessed both the intellectual and an analytical understanding of both subjects.

Rasset attended the University of Le Havre for both his undergraduate and graduate studies in International Business. He earned both degrees there. He remained in China for an additional two years. In addition to that, he has seven years of experience working in the horology, jewelry, and luxury deals industries. As a direct consequence of this, Rasset acquired an interest in values and the patterns of predicting sales, which ultimately prompted him to pursue a career in data science. The researcher is fluent in both Japanese and Chinese languages. Even he is proficient in both English and French.

In addition to analyzing data, Mattieu enjoys other activities, such as playing chess, doing the crossword puzzle in the New York Times, cooking, and collecting vintage timepieces. At the moment, the scientist and his American collaborator Anya can be found residing and working in Paris, France.

Anya Firestone’s Family

Firestone came from a family that always had his back. Her mother, Ibi Kaufman Firestone, worked in a field that was unrelated to that of her daughter. She was a talented actress who established a name for herself in the worlds of film, television, and the stage.

Ibi has acted in a number of films, including Gibirting, A Stranger Among Us, Last Rites, Wise Guys, and Flanagan. Her CV is rather extensive. She first came to public attention in the television shows Mother Courage, Gimme a Break, and NBC Good Morning America. The actress was employed by a theater that went by the name of The Yiddish National Theater-Floksbiene.

Anya showed a picture of herself when she was younger to her father on June 20, 2021. As of September 2022, her mother’s Instagram account, which is managed under the identity @ibifirestone, had 124 followers. She uploaded a picture on her social media account that featured her son and daughter.

Ibi had supper with the Firestones on June 5th, 2016, in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. It appeared as though they spent time together. In addition to that, her mother had a small dog whose name was Cyrano. Even her adorable Zsa Zsa appeared in a magazine at one point. In the first cover story, which was published on August 18, she talked about her new pet.

Ibi Kaufman has contributed to a number of different works of fiction, including tales such as A Novel Romance, Sweet Dreams, The Stranger’s Return, The Blacksmith’s Folly, The Marriage Contract, A Play for the Devil, It’s Hard to be a Jew, The Musician, and his Melody, and Green Fields.

She created a name for herself in the Philadelphia theatrical community’s regional scene. She has roles in the productions Gloria and Esperanza and Sweet Charity at the Zellerbach Theater in Berkeley.

The actor’s mother is also fluent in the Jewish languages of Hebrew and Yiddish. She also had a basic understanding of French and Italian. The art journalist is quite generous with the photos of her mother that she posts on her social network.

Firestone explained her perspective towards French. She has devoted her entire existence, including her love life, her professional career, and her friendships, to the advancement of French culture and Paris. She continued by saying, “And someone casting a reality program noticed, and they thought fine, a feather-wearing, munchkin-voiced art theorist can be on.”

Deyon Miller is a reality television star who was born in Ormond Beach, Florida, in the United States. Miller is currently 21 years old and works as an HR Manager and Sports Model.

Anya Firestone: Net Worth

It was estimated that Firestone had a net worth of approximately $5 million, according to the sources. It’s possible that the curator brought in a healthy salary thanks to her job. She had been working in the industry for ten years at that point. Even the art historian had some interaction with the internationally renowned person.

In addition to this, Firestone is a writer who has been recognized for both her poetry and her copywriting, and she won an award for each of these categories.

The branding competition that she entered in 2017 was hers to win. The work by Ogilvy & Mather was evaluated by professionals from the relevant industry. She is one of the contributing authors to the book titled Michael De Feo: Flowers, which was published by Abrams Publishing.

A France license is held by Firestone under the name Guide Conference. She is a trained Museum and Culture Guide who works professionally.

Perhaps the curator attended Columbia University Graduate School to earn her master’s degree in French Cultural Studies. In addition to this, she acquired an excellent level of understanding in the rich literature and aesthetic philosophy of the 19th century.

At George Washington University, Firestone majored in Art History and English language and literature.

Anya Firestone: Career

Anya is a woman who holds numerous titles, and this goes well beyond the fact that she is one of the newest it-girls on Bravo. To begin, she is a nationally licensed museum lecturer as well as a Guide Conférencière in France. Because of this, she is qualified to offer special, customised tours for private clientele. In addition to that, she contributed to High Snobiety as an arts and culture commentator.

Nevertheless, it would appear that Anya has discovered her real calling in the endeavor that she has undertaken with Maison Firestone.

Maison Firestone “curates out-of-the-box and out-of-the-boutique experiences positioned to amplify corporate identification through cultural interaction,” as stated on the company’s website.

It would appear that the corporation accomplishes this goal by having Anya host exclusive parties that are geared toward facilitating cultural experiences and networking opportunities.

A complete collection of Anya’s writings on culture may also be found at Maison Firestone.

These writings cover a wide range of topics, from reflections on artists’ assistants to analyses of local street artists. You can also find out some further information about Anya’s life before she moved to Paris.

Before she got to where she is now, she worked as a gallery curator in New York City, specializing in the art and design of the mid-20th century. In subsequent years, she would concentrate on writing as well as poetry.

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