Anthony Templet: Who Is He? Information Regarding The Man From The Netflix Documentary I Just Killed My Dad

Anthony Templet: Who Is He? Information Regarding The Man From The Netflix Documentary I Just Killed My Dad

The trailer for the Netflix real crime series I Just Killed My Dad, which centers on Anthony Templet and the Templet Family’s amazing, previously untold true tragedy, was published on Thursday.

In June 2019, Anthony Templet fatally murdered his father at home in Baton, Rogue, Louisiana, and he never admitted it (via TheAdvocate).

Anthony was sleeping when his father, Burt Templet, reportedly woke him up at three in the morning while intoxicated, according to the WAFB story. The two got into a heated conversation on the phone with Susan Templet, Burt’s ex-wife, which quickly became physical.

17-year-old Anthony Templet was detained for manslaughter

The 17-year-family old’s claimed that Anthony was abducted by his father when he was only five years old and that they were unaware of his whereabouts until he was apprehended for shooting his father three times with a handgun, according to KOHU.

Anthony claimed that when he went back to his bedroom to leave the argument, his father followed him and started being irrationally violent. Templet hid himself in his father’s room as the situation gradually deteriorated and gathered two firearms in case the first one malfunctioned.

Templet was detained and charged with attempted manslaughter following the incident, according to WRBZ. After his father passed away three days later, the charges were changed to manslaughter.

The family of Anthony accuses his father of abuse

Natasha, Templet’s half-sister, told WAFB that her brother was kidnapped from their Texas home in 2008 when he was only five years old. She added that Burt had been living with her mother for almost ten years, was severely abusive, and struggled with alcoholism.

Natasha alleged WAFB that Burt abused her mother while holding Anthony when he was a baby. She and her mother put up missing posters all over Baton Rogue after Burt left with his son more than a decade ago since they knew he had family there.

Since Anthony was abducted ten years ago, Natasha told WAFB, his father has isolated and abused him. Anthony, who has been living with his father, was not allowed to go to school or interact with other family members.

Anthony was given a five-year probation sentence as part of his plea agreement

On December 4, 2019, Anthony was granted permission to reside with his stepmother and stepbrother while under bond. He had to stay under supervision and submit to drug tests after being released.

After accepting a plea agreement and entering a no contest plea to negligent homicide in March 2021, the jury sentenced Templet to five years of closely monitored probation. But what good would serving time in jail do for a young man who never had the chance to go to school or learn about the outside world, questioned prosecutor Dana Gummings?

He must finish high school and decide whether to enroll in classes or find a job thereafter as part of his plea agreement. If he complies, his record will be cleared, according to The Advocate.

On August 9 of this year, Netflix will premiere the documentary series “I Just Killed My Dad” based on Templet’s life.

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