Why does Jules go by Annie LeBlanc? Know injured YouTuber after hit-and-run incident

Why does Jules go by Annie LeBlanc? Know injured YouTuber after hit-and-run incident

According to her 9.7 million Instagram followers, YouTuber and actress Annie LeBlanc (aka Jules LeBlanc) was admitted to the hospital on August 5 after suffering injuries in a hit-and-run accident.

In an official statement made on Jules’ Instagram story, her team reported that the YouTuber and her companions were walking across the Santa Monica crossing when a drunken driver “flew past a red light.”

The Instagram account also showed that firefighters, paramedics, and emergency services were dispatched right away to the area. Following the collision, LeBlanc’s “face and legs were bloodied, scratched, and bruised, but thankfully she had no broken bones or significant injuries.” She is reportedly healing right now and is anticipated to get back to normal soon.

The note to her fans also disclosed that the Santa Monica Police Department “quickly captured the intoxicated driver.”

The final line of the statement included a caution about the dangers of drunk driving:

Please use this incident as a lesson to always drive cautiously and consume alcohol sensibly for the safety of others. If you ever need assistance travelling home after a night of drinking, call a friend, member of your family, a ride-sharing service, or a non-emergency assistance number. Never take the chance of driving when intoxicated. Stay secure. Why did Annie LeBlanc online rename herself as “Jules”?

LeBlanc was known as “Annie” when she initially rose to fame on Nickelodeon for her role in Side Hustle. She did, however, declare that she was changing her name to Jules LeBlanc in October 2020.

The actress later admitted that the name change was not as significant as one might have believed. She goes as Julianna Grace LeBlanc; Annie was just a monicker she’d been using. Since her younger brother couldn’t say “Julianna,” the actress reportedly used to go by the moniker “Annie.”

She declared on social media that she had returned to her maiden name of Jules:

Unexpectedly, a lot of people enjoyed it. The situation did not suit me. I feel that some people are upset with me for doing it for some reason. Everything will be okay and lovely. I’m not sure how to properly inform everyone.

On social media sites like TikTok, the online sensation changed her name to Annie; but, as of March 2021, LeBlanc has been going by the name “Jules.” She clarified in a live Instagram video:

“I’m beginning to go by Jules, but my real name is Julianna.”

She also stated during the Instagram live that she would be changing her name on Instagram to “Jules”:

There were eight reasons Annie’s status as the Female Titan in Attack on Titan was the most well-kept secret.

And I’m also changing my Instagram, but I’m quite apprehensive about it because it’s kind of my Instagram and it’s been my Instagram forever. However, I’ll continue to go by Annie LeBlanc as not everyone who knows who I am will immediately assume that I go by Jules.

The YouTuber previously used the name Annie LeBlanc on an Instagram account, which has since been deleted. She no longer uses any other accounts; just @julesleblanc.

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