Andy Hubbard: Who Is He? Meet Stephanie Ruhle Husband And Children Of The NBC News

Andy Hubbard: Who Is He? Meet Stephanie Ruhle Husband And Children Of The NBC News

The 11th Hour is a nightly news and politics program that is broadcast in the United States and is hosted by Stephanie Ruhle, who is 46 years old. Additionally, her role as a senior business commentator for NBC News has helped her garner a lot of attention.

Her previous experience includes stints at Bloomberg Television as both a managing editor and a news anchor. In addition to that, she worked as an editor-at-large for the international news agency Bloomberg News, which is situated in New York.

Ruhle, a native of New Jersey, was one of three reporters working for Bloomberg who broke the story of the London Whale, thereby disclosing the identity of the trader who was responsible for the trading loss incurred by JPMorgan Chase in 2012.

Stephanie Ruhle
Stephanie Ruhle

Meet Stephanie Ruhle Husband Andy Hubbard

Andy Hubbard, Stephanie Ruhle’s husband, and the couple have a thriving marriage. While they were both employed at Credit Suisse, the two of them started dating each other.

They felt that they were a good match for one another and decided to get married in 2002. On the website that covers finance and business news, Business Insider, they were named as one of “Wall Street’s Hottest Power Couples.”

Andy is employed in the financial industry; Credit Suisse bank chose to promote him to the position of associate manager there. Later on, he was elevated to the position of derivatives marketer; nevertheless, in the year 2000, he decided to retire from the industry.

Then, from 1998 until 2003, he was employed by Kiodex, an online risk management system, where he held the role of Director of Product Development.

In the same year, he was extended an offer of employment by Deutsche Bank, the 15th largest bank in the world, where he worked as Vice President of the equity derivative property trading section of the corporation.

In 2004, he went back to Credit Suisse and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Chief of US Structured Credit Derivatives Trading there.

Hubbard is currently holding the position of Managing Director at the private hedge fund corporation UBS O’Connor, where he has been worked for some time and most recently obtained a promotion.

NBC News’s The 11th Hour is hosted by Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard, who was born on December 24, 1975, and she also works as a Senior Business Analyst for the network.

Stephanie Ruhle: Who Is She?

Prior to his current position, Ruhle served as the managing editor and a news anchor for Bloomberg Television as well as the editor-at-large for Bloomberg News. On Bloomberg Television, Ruhle was a co-host for the show titled “Bloomberg GO.” Ruhle was one of three Bloomberg reporters who broke the story of the London Whale and identified the trader who was responsible for the trading loss incurred by JPMorgan Chase in 2012; she was one of the three. In March of 2022, she was given the role of host for The 11th Hour.

 Park Ridge, New Jersey served as her childhood home while she was being reared by her parents, Frank and Louise Ruhle.
She attended Lehigh University and received her bachelor’s degree in international business there in 1997. Her alma mater is Lehigh University. She attended school in Guatemala, Italy, and Kenya as part of her major requirements. Ruhle made his way back to Lehigh to deliver the commencement address for the class of 2017.

Career Prior to beginning his career at Bloomberg, Ruhle was employed in the financial industry for a total of 14 years. She completed an internship with Merrill Lynch during one of her summers at the university. In 1997, she started working in the sales department of hedge funds for Credit Suisse, where she remained for the next six years. She was the most successful credit derivatives salesperson in the United States while she was working for Credit Suisse First Boston, where she rose to the position of vice president and held that position for the entirety of her tenure there. Ruhle started his career in the financial industry in 2003 when he joined Deutsche Bank as a credit salesperson handling hedge funds. After eight years of service there, she retired with the title of managing director in the Global Markets Senior Relationship Management department. While working at Deutsche Bank, Ruhle established the Global Market Women’s Network as a means of assisting women in assuming positions of authority inside the organization.

Ruhle started working for Bloomberg Television in October 2011, where she immediately became a co-host of the early morning program Inside Track, which aired for two hours. Her co-anchor at the time was Erik Schatzker.

Both Ruhle and Schatzker became participants in Market Makers in 2012, which is a late morning event that runs for two hours. After that, Ruhle worked alongside David Westin as a co-host on Bloomberg GO until she left the network. She has written articles about notable people such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, hedge fund managers Stanley Druckenmiller and David Tepper, NBA player Kobe Bryant, Donald Trump, chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon, Martha Stewart, Sean Parker, former Vice President Al Gore, business magnate Russell Simmons, Masters winner Jordan Spieth, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, CEO and chair of Macy’s Terry Lundgren, and music.

Ruhle, along with Bloomberg writers Bradley Keoun and Mary Childs, was one of the first reporters to break the story of the London Whale in April of 2012. The London Whale was the trader who was responsible for the trading loss that JPMorgan Chase incurred in 2012.

According to Ruhle’s reporting, Bruno Iksil, a trader at JP Morgan headquartered in London, had accumulated positions in the $10 trillion credit derivative market that were significant enough to cause price distortions.

In June of 2013, Ruhle authored a thought-provoking article for the Huffington Post in reaction to Paul Tudor Jones’ views about the role of women in trading. This article prompted replies not just from the media but also from the financial industries.

Ruhle sat down with Martha Stewart in October of that same year to talk about social networking, blogging, and the development of the “lifestyle” sector.

Haiti: Open For Business? (2015) is a documentary that Ruhle produced and hosted in 2015. The film examines Haiti’s rising economy five years after the country was struck by a horrific earthquake. Ruhle produced the film.

In addition, Ruhle had a role in the documentary Shark Land: A Mission Blue and Fusion Expedition (2015), which was released in 2015. This film draws attention to the precarious situation that sharks face on Cocos Island, which is a national park located off the coast of Costa Rica.

In 2015, she had an interview with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, who at the time was facing fire in the media for making the comment to Ruhle that “the World Trade Center fell down under [former President George W. Bush’s] rule.” Ruhle conducted the interview.

During a panel discussion with Ruhle the previous year, Kanye West harshly lambasted the photographer Annie Leibovitz after he revealed that Leibovitz backed out of photographing his formal wedding shots just one day before his wedding to Kim Kardashian.¬† An ongoing feud between Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow was brought to the public’s attention in 2013 by Ruhle’s interview with Martha Stewart. During the interview, Martha questioned the actress’s place in the “lifestyle business.”

Stephanie Ruhle
Stephanie Ruhle

Columnist for, the website of Shape magazine, where Ruhle was a regular contributor.

In the April/May 2013 issue of Fit Pregnancy, as well as the October 2012 issue of Working Mother magazine, Ruhle was featured prominently on the cover of both publications. There have been articles written about her in 201 Magazine, Glass Hammer, IWantHerJob, and Business Insider.

After leaving Bloomberg, Ruhle will now become the anchor of an hour of MSNBC Reports. Prior to this, he and Ali Velshi were the hosts of a business program called Velshi & Ruhle, which ran during the week and on the weekend.

Ruhle was instrumental in the establishment of the Women’s Network for the Corporate Investment Bank (CIB) and served as a co-chair for the Women on Wall Street (WOWS) steering group.

Additionally, Ruhle serves on the board of trustees for Girls, Inc. in the state of New York. In addition to having previous experience serving on the iMentor Corporate Advisory Board. She is a member of both the Women’s Bond Club and 100 Women in Hedge Funds. In addition, she is a member of the corporate council of The White House Project, which is a non-profit organization that works to empower women in industry, government, and the media. Additionally, she is a member of the advisory board and acts in that capacity for the documentary film series React To Film.

After acting as one of several rotating hosts following the resignation of the original anchor Brian Williams from the network in December, she was given the role of permanent anchor of The 11th Hour on January 27, 2022.

Stephanie Ruhle’s Children

Together with her spouse Andy Hubbard, Stephanie Ruhle was a mother to three children. They have a wonderful daughter whose name is Drew Beachley Hubbard, as well as two adorable sons named Harrison and Resse Hubbard.

The family home of the NBC news anchor Ruhle, which includes her husband Andy and their three children, is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City.

Because of her adorable appearance, their daughter Drew has garnered quite a following on various social media platforms. In the year 2022, she will turn eight years old.

Harrison, the eldest of Ruhle’s sons, is currently 16 years old. While Resee, who is in the middle of their three children, is currently eleven years old.

Stephanie Ruhle’s Net Worth

According to, NBC host Stephanie Ruhle, who is also a well-known journalist in the United States, pulls in a yearly salary of $2 million in her position.

In addition, it is anticipated that by the year 2022, her net worth will be at least $5 million. She has a townhouse in the Hubbards neighborhood of Los Angeles with four stories and a price tag of $7.5 million when it was purchased.

Ruhle worked in the financial industry for a total of 14 years, beginning her career during her college years as an intern at Merrill Lynch.

She began her career in 1997 at Credit Suisse, where she was employed in the hedge fund sales department for a period of six years. During her time spent working with Credit Suisse First Boston, she rose through the ranks to become a vice president and the highest-producing credit derivatives salesperson in the United States.

In 2003, Ruhle began his career at Deutsche Bank in the credit sales department, where he quickly became an expert in hedge funds. Her eight-year stint in Global Markets Senior Relationship Management came to an end when she was promoted to the position of managing director.

In 2011, she was given a position at Bloomberg Television and began working alongside Erik Schatzker as a co-host on the early morning program Inside Track. The program lasted for two hours.

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