Andrew Symonds’ Daughter CHLOE SYMONDS: Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Biography & More

Chloe Symonds: Who Is She? Andrew Symonds’ Daughter: Everything You Should Know Many athletes have left the sports profession in 2022. Cricket’s popularity does not require any explanation. On social media sites, the story is garnering greater attention. Andrew Symonds died early this morning in a car accident. Shane Warn passed away just a few days before. People are shocked and seek more information about the car accident that occurred in Australia’s local city.

Chloe Symonds: Who Is She?

He batted right-handed and bowled off-spin and medium pace. He used to play in the team’s middle order most of the time. On February 16, 2012, he declared his retirement from all forms of cricket. He was driving his personal vehicle. When a truck hit his car, he was severely injured and sent to a local hospital, where doctors ruled him dead. This article will assist you in learning more about the case and Andrew’s family. Let’s cast a few rays of light on his family.

Chloe Symonds is Andrew Symonds’ daughter

Andrew Symond married Laura Brooke Symonds in 2004, but they split after one year of marriage. He has two children, a daughter named Chloe Symonds and a boy named Billy Symonds. Andrew Symonds was born in the English city of Birmingham. On June 9, 1975, he took his first breath. He graduated from Ballarat Clarendon College after finishing his studies at All Saints Anglican School. There is no information regarding his parents’ occupations on social media or from any other source, other for the names of his parents, Barbara and Ken Symonds.

Instagram: Chloe Symonds

Andrew Symonds was well-known on the playground for his hitting prowess. If we’re talking about his everyday life. He is a gentleman and a humble individual. Andrew and Brooke Symonds have a daughter named Chloe. Unfortunately, her father and mother split after only a year of marriage. It is an enticing task for a girl without a mother to make her father swim about the challenges that a girl confronts at different ages, but Andrew Symonds was not one of those who felt any troubles while serving her daughter.

Chloe Symonds has a younger brother, Billy Symonds, about whom little is known. The sister and brother enjoy a wonderful relationship. Chloe Symonds isn’t big enough to have a personal Instagram account, but she doesn’t. Apart from that, her father Andrew Symonds, who goes by the handle @roysymonds on Instagram, is known for sharing images of her and his kid. Our condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

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