Aminah Nieves (1923): Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Film Promotion, Net Worth (2023) and More

Aminah Nieves (1923): Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Film Promotion, Net Worth (2023) and More

Aminah Nieves is a rookie actress who is only 20 years old. Aminah Nieves, despite her tender years, was cast in the starring role of Teonna Rainwater in the television series 1923.

The Yellowstone universe is constantly expanding, and the newest chapter will center on a subsequent generation of the Dutton family.

Following the success of the show’s first spinoff, 1883, Paramount+ has announced that they would release an additional limited series in February 2022 dubbed 1932.

1932 will focus on the Dutton family’s descendants, whereas 1883 was centered on the first generation of Duttons, who were responsible for creating the huge Montana ranch that the family now owns.

Paramount+ announced in June 2022 that the year 1932 will be changed to 1923 and that the story would take place in the same year.

Since the 18th of December, the series has been made available on Paramount Plus in every region of the world. The up-and-coming actress who plays Teonna will be the subject of investigation in this piece. Information on the actress will be provided.


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Aminah Nieves (1923): Who Is She?

Aminah Nieves plays Teonna, who is 20 Years Old in the Year 1923.

Aminah Nieves began her acting career when she was 20 years old and quickly rose to popularity. Teonna is a Native American actress, and Aminah Nieves plays her in this production.

In 2021, Nieves had her first appearance on the big screen in the film Blueberry.

This is only the fourth project that the Indiana native, who is now 20, has participated in prior to this one. In a series that also stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, her story arc is one of the most interesting parts of the show.

Teonna presents a one-of-a-kind slice of life that illustrates how the world appeared to a little Native American girl as she navigated it throughout the story, despite the fact that the Duttons are the story’s mainstays and the heroes.

The promotional material for “Yellowstone” suggests that Teonna is connected to the character Chief Thomas Rainwater in some way.

In the year “1923,” she signed up to attend the government-run residential boarding school that was specifically designed for young Native American women and was run by the Catholic church.

Aminah made the observation that Teonna is a part of both herself and their family.

She mentioned that being able to tap into it and memorialize my ancestors, who have through a great deal of suffering and continue to confront difficulty, is something that is very significant to me. She also mentioned that this is something that I am able to do.

Aminah collaborated with her mum for the vast majority of the audition. She was initially hesitant to continue doing them, but by the third round, when she glanced at her after the third audition, Aminah was crying hysterically, and she realized that she needed to do it for her.

After that, she had no choice but to continue singing them.

Teonna’s horrific experience is told in the C plot of 1923, which is a series about the Dutton family but focuses on Teonna.

Donna is under the impression that her family is still traveling to a community that is reserved for indigenous people, but she is currently on her own because she believes they have not yet arrived.

At the conclusion of the first episode, we find out that Teonna is being brutally beaten by a nun, and we also learn that the nun is being tormented by her superior, Father Renaud.

Both of these events take place simultaneously.


Aminah Nieves (1923): Bio

In 1923, Aminah Nieves portrayed Teonna Rainwater; here she is introduced to you.

Aminah Nieves, who was born in Brooklyn on October 3, 1991, is a 31-year-old actress who has been making headlines ever since she got the opportunity to work in the Yellowstone spinoff series “1923,” in which Creator Taylor Sheridan gave her the role of Teonna Rainwater.

However, before getting the role of “Teonna” in the series 1923, Nieves was popular among media for her marvelous performance in the 2021 film “Blueberry,” in which she played the lead role


Aminah Nieves (1923): Height and Weight

Aminah Nieves has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Aminah’s performance in “Blueberry” was unquestionably worthy of two awards; however, Nieves’s appearance in “1923” has catapulted her into the public eye, and she is currently receiving a lot of attention for it.

Nieves got the role in “1923” because her talent agent, Seven Summits Pictures & Management, informed her about the audition for “1923.”

Ishmael Muhammad Nieves and his daughter Aminah Nieves. Aminah is Aminah’s mother.


Aminah Nieves (1923): Age

It may come as a surprise to learn that Aminah Nieves’s father, Ishmael Muham­mad Nieves, is a graffiti artist and a former member of the United States Army who served during Operation Desert Storm.

Aminah was born in Hammond City, Indiana, on October 3, 1991, to her mother, Stephanie Lovelace-Nieves, and her father, Ishmael Muham­mad Nieves. She grew up in

Aminah is the sole actor in her family, and she is currently on the road to stardom. However, before she took her first step on the big screen, she attended “Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts” to gain expertise in performing arts.

Teonna’s tense story is told in the 1923 C plot, despite the fact that the main focus of the series is on the Dutton family.

Donna’s family was supposed to be on their way to a designated place for locals, but she has come to terms with the fact that they have not arrived and that she is now all by herself.

During the time that Teonna is being brutally tortured by a hermit, we learn toward the end of the pilot episode that her sister is also being tormented by Father Renaud, who is her supervisor.

The certificate for the Support Music Merit Award was awarded to Aminah Nieves.

Aminah Nieves (1923): Film Promotion

Aminah Nieves went on 1923’s Promotion.

Aminah Nieves
Aminah Nieves

Aminah Nieves (1923): Career

Nieves got her first debut in 2021 release short film named “Dogwood,” in which she made her landing as “Katy,” and in the same year her acting journey took speed when Director Stefanie Sparks feasibly cast her in a role in one of her films.

Aminah began her acting career in 2012 while she was a student at the “Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts.” In that year, she took part in theater acts, which helped her improve her acting abilities.

After “Blueberry,” the next year she had the opportunity to work in the film “V/H/S/99,” and as we all know these days, the actress Aminah, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, reached new heights of success with her portrayal in “1923.”

1923: Plot

1932 was supposed to be the title of the show when it was first shown, but the streamer later revealed that it had been changed to 1923.

It would appear that the backshift in the timeline was planned to make it possible for the show to discuss the repercussions of World War I as well as the early years of the Great Depression.

According to a release regarding the title change, “1923 focuses on the Dutton family’s next two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft.”

All of these challenges were faced under the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation’s by almost ten years.

In a synopsis that was distributed in May, it was stated that 1923 will be a new origin story that “Will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family and explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.”

Beyond that, there haven’t been many hints about the plot.

MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, who are also responsible for the production of Yellowstone and 1883, in addition to Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s Mayor of Kingstown, will be responsible for the show’s production.

Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of ViacomCBS Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios, stated that “with the brilliant mind and gifted storytelling of Taylor Sheridan, we have created an entirely new world to explore with 1883 while expanding Yellowstone, and with 1932 [now 1923], we will open up a new chapter in this rapidly growing universe.” This statement was made by Chris McCarthy. “With 1932 [now 1923], we will open up a new chapter in this rapidly growing universe.”


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Real Name Aminah Nieves.
In Spotlight 1923 (role: Teonna).
Profession Actress.
Age 31 years old.
Birth Date October 3, 1991.
Birth Place Hammond, Indiana.
Nationality American.
Gender Female.
Zodiac Libra.
Parents Father: Ish­mael Muham­mad Nieves.
Mother: Stephanie Lovelace-Nieves.
Siblings Dionisio Dion Nieves.
Eye Zick.
Keisha Nieves.
Love Life
Body Measurements
Height In feet: 5′ 6″.
In centimeters: 167 cm.
In meters: 1.67 m.
Weight Kg: 63.
Pounds: 138 lbs.
Hair Dark Brown.
Eyes Brown.
School Morton High School.
Acting School Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts.
Movies | Series 1923 (2022-2023).
V/H/S/99 (2022).
Blueberry (2021).
Dogwood (2021).
Net Worth USD 139.89 Thousand.

Aminah Nieves Trivia

  • Aminah Nieves was born in Beverly Hills, United States.
  • Aminah Nieves’s birth sign is Capricorn.
  • She is an actress who is managed by Seven Summits Management. She began her acting career in 2021 when she made her debut in the feature film Dogwood as Katy. Subsequently, she appeared in Stefanie Sparks’s drama movie “Blueberry”.
  • Aminah has won the Independent Visions Award and Special Jury Prize for her breakthrough performance in Blueberry.
  • She will be seen in the upcoming western series 1923 as Teonna Rainwater, directed and created by Taylor Sheridan.
  • Aminah could be found on Instagram under the username @aminah.nieves.

Aminah Nieves FAQs

Ques: How old is Aminah Nieves?

Ans: Aminah is 31 years old.

Ques: Who is Teonna Rainwater in “1923.”

Ans: Aminah Nieves.

Ques: Who are Aminah Nieves’s parents?

Ans: Stephanie Lovelace-Nieves (mother) and Ish­mael Muham­mad Nieves (father).

Ques: Who is Aminah Nieves’s Boyfriend?

Ans: Nieves hasn’t revealed.

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