Amber Heaard’s father accused of running a dog fighting ring

David Clinton Heard, the father of Amber Heard, is alleged to have operated a dog fighting ring. Following the former’s defamation trial against her ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp, news about the same reappeared online. Ironically, Depp adamantly refuted accusations that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had abused the former couple’s Yorkshire terrier, Pistol.

A Hollywood “fixer,” Paul Barresi, discovered that the actress’s father, who had previously claimed to be an animal lover, had actually been detained, found guilty, and sentenced to prison for animal cruelty. The man known as the “real-life Ray Donovan,” David Clinton Heard, was charged with “orchestrating a vicious, merciless, agonising pit bull ring in Texas in the 1980s.”
Seven pit bulls were part of the 10 acres of the animal torture ring. In court documents from Midland County, Texas, it was noted that law officers had discovered “narcotics and professional poker equipment on the site,” according to radar. According to records, David Clinton Heard battled alcohol and drug addiction for the entirety of his life.
After entering a “nolo contender” plea, which is akin to a guilty plea, Amber Heard’s father was detained for 15 days before being released.

The former couple’s dogs Pistol and Boo were awarded to Heard’s father, David Clinton Heard, according to a court document provided by Twitter user @BeneathTheDepps as word of the same startled internet users. The father of the Aquaman actress was out from prison several years later.
Amber Heard’s father, who was serving time in prison for animal cruelty and dog fighting, received their dog Boo in actuality from Amber Heard. Just halt.
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s pet was allegedly tortured.
Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of mistreating their dog during the well-known Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial. Heard testified in court that Depp seized the dog and began howling out the window while smoking while the duo was driving down the street. According to what was overheard, “If I recall correctly, he snatches Boo, his dog, a slightly chunkier Yorkshire Terrier, and holds Boo out of the window of the moving car, shrieking like an animal the entire time. I’ll never forget that, but everyone in the car suddenly froze. Nobody took any action.
@BradyEarls Did you know that Amber Heard has also mistreated animals? Even her father was detained for running a dog fighting ring.

Heard continued by saying she was concerned he would drop the puppy

“I have this strange memory of no one really reacting to him at this spooky moment where he was howling and holding this animal out the window.
According to reports, the actor also made light of the idea of microwaving their dog. Johnny Depp vehemently denied doing so, though.
Amber Heard was criticised for attributing the dog poop incident to Johnny Depp’s dog, Boo, saying “I was not in a pranking mood.”
The dog of the ex-couple has previously played a significant role in the slander case. In his testimony, Johnny Depp, 58, said that after a fight, Amber Heard urinated next to him in bed. Amber Heard continued to dispute this. She then laid the blame on their Yorkshire dogs.
In court, Depp stated that he did not think the dogs were at fault. I took up their funk,” Depp said in response. The dogs weren’t to blame.

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