Amanda Souza and Paulo Lopes (Love is Blind Brazil): Where Are They Now? Two Peas in a Pod, Where To Watch?

We can’t dispute that physical attractiveness does matter, even though the main premise of Netflix’s “Love is Blind” is for people to perhaps meet, flirt, and get engaged to their true love sight unseen

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden from the third US installment of this franchise serve as the best illustration of this; nevertheless, another couple is now included in this group as well.

They are Amanda Souza and Paulo Lopes from season two of “Casamento às Cegas: Brazil” (also known as “Love is Blind: Brazil,” despite the fact that they broke up before they had even started dating).

The reality is that Amanda and Paulo’s experience in the pods was far from ideal because he was attracted to Bruna Ferreira as well. However, after she left midway through filming, things changed.

They not only became involved, but the former also eventually proposed, and he joyfully accepted because he was in love and was certain Amanda was “the one” at the time.

However, almost immediately after they met, Paulo changed his mind and said he wouldn’t know how to handle such a strong woman; however, it’s possible that their breakup was caused by her size.

Amanda Souza
Amanda Souza

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Amanda Souza (Love is Blind Brazil): Where Is She Now?

Amanda was able to leave the situation with her head held high because she was confident that she had given her all to have a happily ever after.

She later admitted, “Part of me is upset, but regrettably, it’s not the first time this has occurred to me. All I can say is that [Paulo] is the subject here, not me.

I recall how I felt. I am aware that I merit a love as huge as me. I’m extremely sorry for giving my heart to someone who doesn’t know what to do with it, but everything will be okay.

I still think love exists. I still think I’m amazing and incredible. I still think that my heart deserves to be with a respectable person.

We are pleased to report that Amanda appears to be living a happy life in and around her base in So Paulo, Brazil, where she is surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones of all kinds.

It appears that she is still a proud image consultant while also making a concerted effort to develop into a body-positive, way-of-life, and beauty social influencer. She advocates loving oneself unconditionally, and she is correct.

Additionally, the 36-year-old asserts that her line of work is “not about clothes; it’s about freedom and identity!” – something she once lost as a result of romances but is adamant she never lose it again.

Because of this, the burgeoning celebrity has been able to devote all of her energies to helping others and personal development rather than the clearly terrible Paulo situation.

As shown in the Instagram post above, Amanda still experiences her fair share of difficult days, but she perseveres because, well, she is strong. It’s also important to note that the self-assured beauty has no regrets whatsoever about her time on “Casamento às Cegas: Brasil.”

Paulo Lopes
Paulo Lopes

Paulo Lopes (Love is Blind Brazil): Where Is He Now?

Regarding Paulo, we should first note that according to both of their bios on their private Instagram sites, they are now dating and engaged to be married.

They had actually been close in the pods—the latter had even once dreamed she would marry someone by his name—but their breakup wasn’t exactly amicable. So, for us as well, this update is both unexpected and not unexpected.

Since Bruna, the Intensive Care Physician, simply couldn’t manage being isolated without contact with her friends, family, or other people, she left the show around halfway through their stay in the pods.

Before leaving, though, the “free spirit” had persuaded Paulo to go with her because he was her only other choice. He resisted, saying he never “gives up” on anything and that he didn’t want to begin with this particular experiment.

“All I wanted in my life was for you to choose me, but maybe next time… Okay, maybe next time?” Paulo was left wondering what Bruna had meant when she made the following statement and walked away.

Even though he had always had a soft spot for her, he was content with his choice because, “How can I trust you’ll fight for our relationship when you give up on something?” That is, until he proposed to Amanda and they started dating.

Paulo appears to be a Wharton Executive Education and Fundaço Getulio Vargas graduate who is currently employed as a Senior Talent Research Partner with the communications firm Twilio in So Paulo, Brazil.

His boyfriend, on the other hand, is based in Brazil, but that doesn’t really matter as he already enjoys travelling – the tattoo, environment, and charity fanatic has visited “24 countries and counting.”

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Love is Blind Brazil: Production

Love Is Blind, a Netflix original dating show created by Chris Coelen and produced by Kinetic Content, made its premiere in February of last year. Netflix quickly renewed the show for seasons two and three, indicating that it must have struck a chord with fans of dating shows.

The same show, which was previously a huge hit on Netflix, was released this week, but this time the producers chose Brazil as the setting!

No spoilers are included in this Love Is Blind Brazil review.

Love is said to be blind and a gamble. Brazil is present to support their claims. Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, a real-life famous couple, invite 32 lonely men and women looking for love to a special experiment where they would date for thirty days without ever seeing each other.

This will determine whether or not the experiment is blind. Any man may opt to propose marriage to his date during this time, after which the newly engaged couple can finally meet.

There is yet more to the show. Instead, the audience travels with the engaged couples as they visit a retreat, an apartment, and finally the altar, where a decision is made.

Paulo Lopes
Paulo Lopes

Love is Blind Brazil: Two Peas in a Pod?

  • Real-life celebrity couple and hosts of the Brazilian series Love Is Blind Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo
    While millions of individuals look for love every day, the 32 singles participating in this dating programme are simply there to find out if love is indeed blind.
  • It’s their personality, voice, and communication abilities that can win your partner over with this special platform.
  • This dating reality show, which has five episodes available and is released once a week, elevates the dating process by fostering a sense of mystery amongst the competitors.
  • Isn’t it true that just when you believe you have found your soul mate, you could fall into a pit? Isn’t that what love is all about?
  • Even if they are disgusting and a little toxic, good dating programmes are invariably addictive. Although the first few episodes are engaging, the recurring theme of “If I don’t get married now, I never will” seems dated in 2021. It just seems like another subpar dating reality show until all the married couples start dating in real life.
  • The fact that the show, like every other dating show, probes people’s emotional frailties, makes whatever private public knowledge, and sensationalises a relationship to its very core is what caused it to become such a tremendous hit in the first place.
  • Insightful Love Brazil is simply another reality dating programme that helps lonely people meet with one another and fall in love, but of course with lots of twists to please the entire audience watching. By pairing together competitors and assisting them in forming a true love connection, it examines the details of a relationship.
  • They are designed to meet, yet there are barriers that they must get past in order to see one another. This dating reality show tests the contestants’ compatibility, communication abilities, and patience as they experience the heartbreak of love.

Love is Blind Brazil: Plot

The hosts and real-life celebrity couple of Love Is Blind Brazil, Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, look lovely in the promotional images.

The way the audience follows these couples from their first date to their honeymoon and wedding truly irritates me. If that weren’t bad enough, Netflix might even air a few episodes of what happens next, like they did with Love Is Blind UK.

Yes, as long as there is a mystery, the show is addictive. Who cares what happens next? Really? And for precisely that reason, the show loses interest after a while.

Yes, but during the first few episodes, experience love, resentment, jealousy, fights, and all the other relationship-related elements through these contestants.

If you are single, there is no way to avoid this “sensational” dating show; feel their love and their surging emotions, whether happiness at finding the one meant for them or the sadness of heartbreaks. Welcome to the “pod of love,” where lovers try to make it beyond a frail wall that divides them.

Love Is Blind Brazil: Where To Watch?

Love Is Blind Brazil is just a reality programme about love, a little like Just Married and The Bachelor. If you enjoy reality television and are this weekend a little sad or simply bored, don’t spend any time.

Take that bowl of ice cream out of the fridge while you watch 32 singles work it all out in public.

Netflix is broadcasting the Brazilian film Love Is Blind.

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