Explained Actor’s Age, Net Worth and Family: Inside The Friendship Between Alyssa Milano and Alaa Khaled

Explained Actor’s Age, Net Worth and Family: Inside The Friendship Between Alyssa Milano and Alaa Khaled

Close friends Alaa Khaled and Alyssa Milano have faced dating accusations in the past.

One of Alyssa Milano’s closest pals is Alaa Mohammad Khaled, also known as Alec Ledd. He has also been her closest friend for the past 25 years. Since she first met Alec Ledd on Charmed, Alyssa has never been by herself.

Alec is Alyssa’s best friend in addition to being a working actor. Everybody has heard of Alyssa Milano. Samantha Micelli in Who’s the Boss, Jennifer Mancini in Melrose Place, Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed, and Coralee Armstrong in Netflix’s Insatiable are some of her most well-known roles. Recently, she was seen on Brazen.


Alaa Khaled
Alaa Khaled


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Inside Alyssa Milano and Alaa Khaled’s Friendship

Alaa Khaled and Alyssa Milano have been close friends for a very long time and are close friends today.

Alec Ledd, also known by the name Alaa Mohammad Khaled, was born to Palestinian parents in Peru in 1972. His mother is from Ramallah, and his father is from Al-Mazra’a ash-Sharqiya. He is DJ Khaled’s elder brother.

In addition, his family moved to the United States of America not long after his birth. After visiting the country for their honeymoon, his parents made the rash decision to settle there. Before heading to Louisiana, they arrived in Florida.

Alec experienced a similar pattern because of his father’s business. His initial interest in acting stemmed from his frequent moving, need to adapt to new environments, and desire to blend in with various people.

What is the Relationship  Between Alyssa Milano and Alaa Khaled?

On Charmed, Alaa Khaled portrayed Tristan in the Season 6 episode Little Monsters and a movie nerd in the Season 2 episode Chick Flick. Since they are still the closest of friends, he must have first encountered Alyssa Milano on the set of Charmed and clicked with her.

Similar to how Alyssa Milano described Alaa Mohammad Khaled as her best friend on Twitter, The activist also enlists her best friend to go to the protests with her.

She even insisted on his being in the delivery room for her daughter’s C-section, which is interesting. For it to happen, they must be platonically extraordinarily close and intimate.

It is regrettable to remark that nowadays, film festivals are solely discussed in terms of what individuals were wearing. As the Cairo Film Festival draws to a close, we wanted to highlight one film in particular that really caught our attention. The 10-minute film, titled “Experiment: Sorry,” has hardly any spoken words. The picture, which was written, produced, and directed by up-and-coming director Alaa Khaled, combines drama, romance, and science fiction.

I was shocked that a 10-minute movie was able to move me as someone who is frequently told “you are emotionless.” Maybe since I am not used to feeling anything after viewing a movie, I was unable to describe how or why I felt. Watching “Experiment: Sorry” was an odd experience, to put it mildly.

Concerning “Experiment: Sorry”

The first scene of the film features an elderly teacher tinkering with a watch and a wire-and-bulb-adorned piano. The man then plays a goosebump-inducing musical composition that transports him across time at the school where he teaches. Since we don’t want to give anything away about the movie, we won’t say too much other than to say that it’s engaging and perplexing in the best possible way.

I made the choice to get in touch with Alaa Khaled and find out more about “Experiment: Sorry” in order to deal with the confusion I had been experiencing. We got to view the movie again and discuss it with him at his production company, The Projector, which he graciously welcomed us to.

Now, if you’ve ever spoken to anyone in the film industry, especially a young, aspiring director, you’ve probably encountered a pretentious individual who doesn’t even communicate clearly. Unexpectedly, Alaa was a very happy and kind person who exuded positivity and such a wealth of imagination that you were eager to learn more about him and his work.

We began by learning more about Alaa’s background and how he got into filming.

“I earned a degree in Information Systems Studies from Nantes University in France in 2006. Before I was appointed Art Director for G-mag and Campus publications, I first worked as a freelance graphic designer for numerous magazines, including Identity Magazine.

I later branched out into photography, which brought me to videography. I occasionally worked as a freelancer in music videos and behind-the-scenes of movies. I learned about sets from this, and I became enamored with it.

I also started creating music videos and quick videos. Then I started making wedding videos after opening The Projector. I had a great deal of success with this step, and my reputation in this industry quickly grew.

After two years, I began working as a DOP, but I wasn’t content with just filming the movies by myself; I desired more. Although I like shooting, my preference was for directing. My experiences led me to begin directing. It was all on-set experience, self-study, and workshops for me; I never studied directing.

“I’ve always had ideas for feature films and short films, but it’s difficult to find a financier for a picture by a first-time director with an original concept. I therefore made the decision to take the risk myself and make my own film.

I adore science fiction, and I firmly believe that the time machine was created somewhere, by someone. I also adore music, therefore I created this story by fusing two things I’m quite enthusiastic about. Like my other ideas, I did not want to abandon this one. I had to go ahead and make this particular story into reality even though I was quite enthusiastic about it.

In order to make the casting plausible and accurate, I initially looked for an actor who is also a musician. Finding someone this age who can both act and perform music was challenging. Keep in mind that both the older and younger versions of the main character are depicted.

Ihab Shawi, a jazz musician, was my first pick. He is a fantastic musician, and he was thrilled to take on the part. However, everything fell flat when it came to the old-age makeup.

Then, I was reminded of my dear buddy Adham Zidan, an actor whose father is Nabil Ali Maher, a well-known music composer who contributed to movies like “Edhak El Sora Tetlaa Helwa” and “Morgan Ahmed Morgan” by Ahmed Zaki.

Why not cast both of them as the young and old characters, I reasoned? Adham immediately agreed when I asked him to check with Mr. Nabil to see if he would be game. He was eager to collaborate with his kid and enjoyed the story, so they were both ready for the challenge.

I had no idea it would be better. I submitted the film to numerous festivals, and I received positive feedback. The Italian Ravenna Film Festival had the film’s world debut. I was also able to take part in the Cairo Film Festival this year, and I’ll shortly be taking part in another international film festival.

What will Alaa Khaled do next?

I wish to advance in the motion picture business. In order to expose the sci-fi genre to Egyptian audiences, I’d like to collaborate on a feature film. Egypt has a lot of promise, and I want to alter how the sci-fi genre is viewed there.

Meet Alaa Khaled, the Man Behind the Experiment That Made Us Sorry.

Alaa Khaled: Who Is He? What Age Is He?

DJ Khaled’s brother is Alaa Khaled. He was also given the name Alec Ledd, an actor. His parents had also immigrated to the country when he was born. He’s between 40 and 50 years old.

Khaled’s musician parents also like Arabic music, and they supported him when he showed an early interest in rap and soul music. He began his musical career by working at a neighborhood Merry-Go-Round record shop.

On the other hand, DJ Khaled is also his brother. DJ Khaled is the stage name of American DJ, record executive, and song producer Khaled Mohammed Khaled (born November 26, 1975).

Alaa Khaled’s Family History

Alaa Khaled is a Muslim whose parents were forced into refugee status in Palestine. Alec remembers switching schools and interacting with new peers while acting like a chameleon. He had to conform to every city’s standards. He consequently made the decision to pursue acting at that point.

His parents, according to the reports, were also musicians who sang Arabic songs. He consequently became familiar with music at a young age. In high school, he also realized his musical and dramatic talents as well as his enthusiasm for music. After that, he decided to work in the entertainment industry.

Then, Alyssa Milano’s closest friend started sneakily attending acting auditions. He claimed that he was unable to inform his parents because, in accordance with tradition, they do not separate from their families; instead, they continue to live at home and work with them until they get married and have children.

He also had trouble getting a job in the entertainment industry after finishing college in New York. He had worked on fitting in with new people, but because of his past, he struggled to fit in with the glam world.

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The Net Worth of Alaa Khaled

According to estimates, Alaa Khaled is valued between $10 and $50 million. In 1993, when Broadway theaters would not welcome people of color, he was looking for job. He and other individuals don’t belong in this world.

In order to improve his chances of being approved, his representatives suggested him to change his name. Nobody needed to be aware of his ethnicity or background. The most crucial factor was acting prowess.

The best friend of Alyssa Milano has reopened with a new name and address. He relocated to Los Angeles and used the alias Alec Ledd. He also used his name change to capitalize on his appearance’s ethnic ambiguity.

In addition, Let’s name change appeared to be successful for him because he was able to swiftly land a number of small roles on popular television programs including Saved by the Bell, Charmed, and Hannah Montana. Additionally, he has made appearances in the movies Where the Bears Are, Being Bin Laden, and Can Hardly Wait. The podcast Worst Ever Podcast is co-hosted by Alex and Christine Lakin.


Alaa Khaled
Alaa Khaled


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Quick Facts About Alaa Khaled

Name Alaa Khaled AKA Alec Ledd
Full Name Alaa Mohammad Khaled
Religion Muslim
Age 40 to 50 years old
Profession Musician and Actor
Brother Khaled Mohammed Khaled
Parents Immigrated to the United States
Best friend Alyssa Milano


Were Alyssa Milano and Alaa Khaled dating?

No, Alyssa Milano and Alaa Khaled are not dating and are just friends.

Who is Alaa Khaled?

Alaa Khaled is an actor and DJ Khalid’s brother.

How much is Alaa Khaled’s Net Worth?

Alaa Khaled’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 to 10 million.

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