In 2022, who is Alison Hammond dating? Speculated Partner Jamie Savage

In 2022, who is Alison Hammond dating? Speculated Partner Jamie Savage

With her entertaining and vivacious TV character, Alison Hammond has captured the hearts of millions. She has been a reporter and presenter on ITV’s “This Morning” since 2003. Every Friday, she and her co-host Dermot O’Leary prank the This Morning crew in front of the viewers.

This TV diva has made appearances on a number of other reality programmes in addition to her effort with ITV.

In addition to “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2010, “Celebrity Coach Trip” in 2012, “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2014, “Celebrity Masterchef” in 2014, and “I Can See Your Voice” in 2020, Hammond has appeared in a number of other programmes.

In 2022, who will Alison Hammond date?

In the most recent 2022 episode of “This Morning,” Alison Hammond acknowledged that she has a “special someone,” i.e., a boyfriend.

Dermot O’Leary, who plays her on “Doctors,” unintentionally revealed that the actress is dating someone.

According to Closer Online UK, Dermont said the following on the ITV programme: “Aren’t you no longer available? But if you were – jeez, what a catch!”

After a startling interval, Alison acknowledged that she was in a relationship. She did not provide her partner’s identify or whereabouts, though.

Alison might introduce him at some point since she uses social media frequently. Her followers are therefore simply wishing for the ITV host to immediately change her mind and reveal a glimpse into her romantic life.

Her previous husband was included in a TikTok video that the ITV actress released, which made her admirers laugh.

Alison appreciated Noureddine Boufaied’s involvement and significance in Aiden’s life as his father despite the fact that they were divorced.

As a result, as of 2022, the former couple has maintained their relationship and has not gotten back together.

Is Jamie Savage and Alison Hammond still dating?

Jamie Savage and Alison Hammond broke up many years ago, therefore they are not currently dating.

In 2017, the two broke up, and Alison was honest about it in public. She called it the worst news she had ever heard and declared that she no longer wanted to love anyone.

Through an online dating service, Alison and Jamie had first connected in 2014. According to Closer Online UK, Jamie was a security guard at the time, according to The Sun.

Unfortunately, their engagement did not continue long even though their love had reached that point. Alison and Jamie were good friends thanks to her first marriage to Noureddine Boufaied and their kid Aiden.

Is Alison Hammond Looking Thinner After Her Weight Loss?

Alison Hammond has undertaken a considerable weight loss journey, as seen by her appearance.

The ITV presenter once reached her heaviest weight of 20 pounds, according to Express UK. Alison became aware of her size and made the decision to change.

So, by concentrating on her food and exercise routine, she succeeded in losing weight. Alison reported that she had adopted a “excellent” fitness regimen and had changed her diet significantly.

The ITV presenter lifts weights and consumes more water as part of her daily workout regimen. In order to follow their weight loss advice, she also joined Weight Watchers, a programme committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Her weight loss journey in 2022 has been closely covered by Mirror UK and numerous other media outlets.

To be more specific, Alison, who had changed and had lost weight, did so for her health as much as her appearance.

Alison decided to lead a healthy lifestyle after losing her mother to diabetes-related liver and lung cancer in February 2020. At the same time, she also received a pre-diabetic diagnosis.

Despite being rid of the sickness today, she has continued to live a healthy lifestyle and ward against ailments.

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