Alison Hammond & Jamie Savage Dating Rumore

Millions of people love Alison Hammond because of how fun and lively she is on TV. She has been a presenter and reporter on ITV’s “This Morning” since 2003. Every Friday, she and her co-host Dermot O’Leary host This Morning and make people laugh.

Besides her work with ITV, this TV star has been on a number of other reality shows.
Hammond has been on shows like “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2010, “Celebrity Coach Trip” in 2012, “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2014, “Celebrity Masterchef” in 2014, and “I Can See Your Voice” in 2020.

Alison Hammond’s boyfriend

Alison Hammond said on the 2022 episode of “This Morning” that she has a “special someone,” which means she has a boyfriend.
Her co-star Dermot O’Leary accidentally let it slip that the “Doctors” actress is seeing someone.
Closer Online UK says that Dermont said on the ITV show, “You’re not available anymore, are you? But if you were – jeez, what \s a catch!”

Alison finally accepted that she was seeing someone after a moment that shocked her. She didn’t say more, though, and didn’t say who or where her partner was.
Alison uses social media, so she might meet him sooner or later. So, her fans can only hope that the ITV host will quickly change her mind and let them in on her love life.
When the ITV star posted a picture of her ex-husband in a TikTok video, it made her fans laugh.

Even though she and her ex-husband Noureddine Boufaied are no longer married, Alison respected his role as Aiden’s father and his presence in his life.
So, the two people who used to be together have stayed friends and are not back together as of 2022.

Are Alison Hammond and Jamie Savage still together?

Alison Hammond doesn’t date Jamie Savage because she and him broke up a long time ago.
In 2017, they broke up, and Alison talked about it in public. She said it was the worst news she had ever heard and that she did not want to love anyone at that time.
In 2014, Alison and Jamie met through a dating app. Closer Online UK says that Jamie worked as a security guard at the time of The Sun.
The two were so in love that they got engaged, but it didn’t last. Jamie was close to Alison and her son Aiden, whom she had with Noureddine Boufaied during her first marriage.

How much weight has Alison Hammond lost?

Alison Hammond had lost a lot of weight, which was clear from the way she looked.
The newspaper Express UK says that the ITV host once weighed 20 pounds. Alison decided to change herself after she realised how big she was.
So, she reached her goal of losing weight by following her diet and exercise plan. Alison said that she worked out in a “amazing” way and made one big change to her diet.

The well-known ITV host works out every day by lifting weights and drinking more water. She also joined Weight Watchers, a group that promotes a healthy way of life, to learn how to lose weight from their tips.
Mirror UK and many other news outlets have been following her journey to lose weight since 2022.

To be exact, Alison, who has changed and lost weight, didn’t just do it for looks; she also did it for her health.
In February 2020, Alison’s mother died of liver and lung cancer caused by diabetes. Around the same time, she was told she had a pre-diabetic condition and decided to live a healthy life.
She no longer has the disease, but she hasn’t stopped living in a healthy way that keeps her from getting sick.

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