Alexandra Dankwa, who is Gavin Rubinstein’s partner, is in a relationship; her Age and Wealth are unknown

Luxe Listing Over the course of more than a year, Sydney star Gavin Rubinstein kept his relationship with his model girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa a secret.

Gavin Rubinstein, the boyfriend of Alexandra, was born in Australia on November 7th, 1989. His parents are from Australia. The astrologer identifies him as a Scorpio, which is a sign in the Zodiac.

Gavin is the founder of the Rubinstein group at Ray White TPG and is regarded as one of the most successful real estate agents in Sydney. Aside from that, he is probably best known for featuring in Amazing Prime Videos Luxe Listing Sydney, which is a programme in which two additional real estate agents display their home and their path to success.

Jarryd, one of his brothers, is a former member of the Israeli Special Forces and also has experience in the field. Jarryd has been promoted to the position of Managing Director of The Rubinstein Group as of the year 2022.

Rubinstein Likded

Include phrases like “the premier real estate agent in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs” and “known for offering a stunning customer service” when describing him in profiles.

Gavin Rubinstein
Gavin Rubinstein

Several Important Facts Regarding Alexandra Dankwa

Name Alexandra Dankwa
Age 20s to 30s
Gender Female
Profession Model
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 50 Kgs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

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Alexandra Dankwa Participating in the Romantic Life of Gavin Rubinstein

Luxe Listings The real estate magnate Gavin Rubinstein has been seen out and about with his model girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa. The Sydney star is no longer available.

Rubinstein, on the other hand, is careful to maintain the confidentiality of his relationship with the attractive brunette model. On their respective official social media pages, the pair interacts with one another or discusses one another only infrequently.

The Daily Telegraph was informed by a source that they had a conversation with Alexandra a few weeks ago, just after Gravin had left her off in front of her house in his Range Rover Vogue.

While everything was going on, the real estate agent revealed to Daily Mail Australia in July 2021 that he had been in love with his Luxe Listing co-star D’Leanne Lewis for a number of years. The pair competes with one another in the market for some of the most magnificent residences in Sydney.

In addition to this, Gavin and Dankwa have been seen together in a number of various locations. A good number of their followers have likely already observed that the two of them are romantically together.

How Old Is Alexandra Dankwa?

As of the year 2022, Alexandras Dankwas is in the middle of her 20s or the early part of her 30s. She did not provide her actual birth date to the audience members at any point.

He has a body weight of 50 kilogrammes and a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Dankwa’s height is 5 feet 3 inches. As a stunning model, she keeps her body in impeccable shape by exercising often.

In order to keep her figure in good shape, the model adheres to a stringent diet plan. In addition to this, she joins a gym and maintains her health and fitness by engaging in strenuous physical activity.

A number of years ago, the model was romantically involved with his now-ex-boyfriend Mark Bouris. Alexander makes the decision to go her separate way when some confusion arises in their relationship.

What’s the status of Alexandra Dankwa and Mark Bouris’s relationship?

The relationship between Alexandra Dankwas and Mark Bouris has come to an end. After a significant amount of back and forth, they decided to part ways.

Bouris is a well-known Australian businessman who is known for founding and chairing the company that goes by the name “Wizard Home Loan.” After Aussie Home Loans, it is one of the non-bank mortgage lenders that holds the second highest market share.

Between the years 2011 and 2015, he presided over the Australian edition of The Celebrity Apprentice. Additionally, he is the author of a large number of books and has made appearances on a number of podcasts.

Regarding the nature of Danka and Bouris’s connection, there was a significant amount of dispute. A case was brought against the model’s ex-boyfriend by the model, who was then accused for allegedly assaulting the model.

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Allegedly assaulting his model girlfriend, Mark Bouris has been charged with a crime

The son of The Apprentice presenter Mark Bouris has been charged with the alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Dankwas, and he has made his initial court appearance in connection with the case.

The charges against the son of successful businessman Mark Bouris were dropped once they were investigated.

The proprietor of the Morgans Boutique Hotel in Darlinghurst, Dane Bouris, asserted that he did not attack the woman but that she kicked him in the head and chest when he attempted to hug her. Bouris is 33 years old.

At the time of the alleged attack in April, the model Alexandra Dankwa, who is 23 years old, was residing in Watsons Bay, which is located in the east of Sydney, with Mr. Bouris. She stated on Wednesday at the Downing Centre Local Court that the couple was still seeing each other at the time the offence was committed.

The night before the alleged assault, Mr. Bouris had spent time with his brothers and father, who is the creator of Wizard Home Loans and the host of the television show Celebrity Apprentice. During this time, Mr. Bouris had watched football.

Dane Bouris , the son of The Apprentice host Mark Bouris, has been found not guilty of assaulting his girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa
Dane Bouris , the son of The Apprentice host Mark Bouris, has been found not guilty of assaulting his girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa

What Is the Net Worth of Alexandra Dankwa’s Boyfriend, Gavin Rubinstein?

OTAKU Art estimates that Gavin Rubinstein’s net worth is somewhere in the vicinity of $10 million.

After more than 10 years of toiling away as a real estate agent, he was finally able to amass a substantial fortune thanks to his efforts and perseverance. As a demonstration of his commitment to both his business and his customers, he puts in an average of 80 hours of work per week.

Additionally, the real estate agent can be seen in the Amazon Prime Original Series Luxe Listing Sydney. The television programme that Kyle Sandilands produces is said to be a “Top Performer” all over the world and has been given a renewal for a third season, which is scheduled to premiere later in the year 2022.

At addition, because to his enormous profits, Gavin is able to maintain a lavish lifestyle in the stunning mansion he owns. It was revealed on his official Instagram account that he drives a high-end vehicle.

Some FAQs

Who is Gavin Rubinstein girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa?

Gavin Rubinstein girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa is a model.

Are Gavin Rubinstein and Alexandra Dankwa married?

No, Gavin Rubinstein and Alexandra Dankwa are not married.

What Is Gavin Rubinstein Net Worth?

Gavin Rubinstein’s net worth is $10 million in 2022.

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