Alex Scott arrested for the murder of Billie And Gene Rogers

Billie Rogers and Gene Rogers’ murderer, Alex Scott, is currently incarcerated serving a sentence. In this post, let’s learn the most recent developments in his case.

One of the most heinous murder cases to have occurred in the US recently. What possible motive may there have been for killing two elderly folks who were close to passing away?
Sadly, Scott was a close family member of the victims. Gene was his great-grandmother, and Billie was his grandfather. On June 21, 2021, over a year after the murder, Scott was taken into custody.
The murder of Bille and Gene was also discussed in Oxygen’s Cold Justice. The Cold Justice investigating team looked into the murder’s motivation. The episode is accessible online.

Alex Scott, Billie and Gene Rogers Murder Case

In May 2021, Alex Scott, age 25, was detained on suspicion of killing Billie and Gene Rogers. Today, Scott is incarcerated completing his sentence.
On May 21, 2021, Scott, age 25, killed his great-grandmother Gene and grandfather Billie. At the time of his detention, he was stationed in Germany as a member of the US Army.
The native of Carolina was additionally accused of having a weapon while committing a violent act. He was arrested shortly after by the military police.
The 25-year-old was put into the Chester County Sheriff’s office’s custody after being deported to the United States and is now waiting for a bond hearing before a circuit court judge.

Alex Scott Age

In 2022, Alex Scott will be 25 years old. When he was arrested, he was 24 years old. Bille Rogers and Gene Rogers, the victims, were 78 and 61 years old, respectively.
For the slayings of his grandparents, Gene Alexander “Alex” Scott was detained. View the Cold Justice debut on Oxygen on Saturday, August 7, by clicking the link. #OxygenCrimeNews
The 25-year-old South Carolina resident Scott had spent the previous four years in the American army. Before enlisting in the army, he also served in the Marines.
He worked as an ammunition technician at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina while he was a Marine. Six months after Gene and Billie’s death, in 2020, he quit the Marines and enlisted in the army.

Alex Scott Wife 

Details regarding Alex Scott’s wife are still being examined. He has not yet tied the knot.
His situation is still being looked into by the police and army. Initial reports indicate that money may have been involved in the murder, but there is still more to learn. The authorities called his behavior a crime motivated by greed.
Scoot, 25, is accused of two counts of murder as well as one count of having a weapon while committing a violent crime. Only until the investigation is complete will we know his penalty.

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