Ailin Perez And Joselyn Edwards: Profession, The Brawl Incident, Injury, Accusations, Witnesses And Other Updates 

Ailin Perez And Joselyn Edwards, Who Are They?

In a recent interview, Ailin Perez revealed her unexpected transition from a dancer to a formidable MMA fighter.

With a background in dance styles like reggaeton, salsa, and bachata, Perez has seamlessly translated her fancy footwork into the demanding realm of mixed martial arts.

Ailin Perez

  • Perez’s unique expression of joy gained attention when she twerked at the UFC Paris weigh-ins before her bout against Stephanie Egger.
  • For Perez, this dance move is more than a spectacle; it’s a genuine expression of happiness. As she puts it, “I enjoy it, and that’s the way I express my happiness.”
  • Delving further into Perez’s past, it becomes evident that dance runs in her blood.
  • Besides being a fighter, she proudly acknowledges her professional dance experience. In a translated interview with MMA Junkie, she shared, “Apart from being a fighter, I was also a dancer. I danced reggaeton, salsa, and bachata, so that’s in my blood.
Ailin Perez
Ailin Perez(@mymmanews)

Joselyne Edwards

In the dynamic world of mixed martial arts, one name that echoes with prowess and determination is Joselyne Edwards.’

Hailing from Panama, Edwards has carved her path in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s bantamweight division, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

A Glimpse Into Joselyne’s Personal Life

Curiosity often surrounds the personal lives of public figures, and Joselyne Edwards is no exception.

Despite her growing prominence, she maintains a private stance regarding her romantic life, choosing not to disclose information about her partner.

Stepping Into The Octagon: Notable UFC Performances

On January 16, 2021, Joselyne Edwards faced Wu Yanan in a riveting match at UFC on ABC: Holloway versus Kattar, stepping in as a replacement for Bethe Correia.

Later, on February 6, 2021, she took on Karol Rosa as a substitute for Nicco Montao at UFC Fight Night: Overeem versus Volkov, albeit suffering a defeat by unanimous decision.

Joselyne Edwards
Joselyne Edwards(@cloudfront)

Confrontation At The Event Hotel

Following the incident, Alex Davis encountered Javier Oyarzabal unexpectedly at the event hotel.

In a tweet, Davis stated, “This is the truth from the point that I was involved.” Oyarzabal, accompanied by an entourage, confronted Davis, accusing him of lying and attempting to intimidate him.

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Ailin Perez And Joselyn Edwards: Their Professional Journey

Despite Perez’s lively pre-fight ritual, her debut bout at UFC Paris against Stephanie Egger ended in disappointment.

Perez succumbed to Egger’s skills in the second round, marking a challenging start to her UFC career.

Stephanie Egger’s Take On Twerking

Stephanie Egger, Perez’s opponent in her UFC debut, expressed her disapproval of the twerking incident.

Egger, rooted in judo, emphasized the importance of respect for opponents in combat sports.

While acknowledging Perez’s freedom to dance, Egger made it clear that, inside the cage, the focus should be on fighting, not showboating.

The Early Days: A Boxing Prodigy Emerges

Joselyne Edwards embarked on her combat sports journey at the tender age of 13, immersing herself in the world of boxing.

Four years of dedicated training laid the foundation for her transition into the multifaceted realm of mixed martial arts at the age of 17, marking the beginning of an extraordinary career.

Ailin Perez
Ailin Perez(@vox-cdn)

From Panama To the UFC: A Meteoric Rise

Witnessing the UFC on television in Panama City ignited Edwards’ passion for the sport, prompting her to seek avenues for further exploration.

Guided by the desire to master various disciplines, she commenced her training in jiu-jitsu, leading to her MMA debut just six months later.

Alex Davis Exposes The Truth

Longtime MMA manager, Alex Davis, provided insights into the altercation in an interview with ‘MMA Mania.’

According to Davis, he witnessed Ailin Perez and her coach, Javier Oyarzabal, overpowering Joselyne Edwards.

Perez’s coach had Edwards in a rear-naked choke hold, with Davis attempting to intervene

A Thrilling Victory And Unexpected Drama

In the electrifying clash at UFC Vegas 82 on November 18, 2023, Ailin Perez emerged victorious, securing her second UFC win with a decisive unanimous decision against Lucie Pudilova at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

News About Joselyne Edwards And Ailin Perez’s Brawl

However, Perez’s triumph was not the only highlight of the week, as a peculiar incident unfolded, adding a layer of drama to her fight week.

Ailin Perez’s Dominance At UFC Vegas 82

Aili Perez showcased her prowess at UFC Vegas 82 by securing a unanimous decision victory against Lucie Pudilova.

Yet, what captured the attention of fans was the revelation of an alleged pre-fight assault by Joselyne Edwards.

This incident sparked controversy within the MMA community.

A Shiner And Unveiling The Mystery

  • Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice a black eye on Perez throughout the week, prompting speculation.
  • During her post-fight interview, Perez addressed the mystery, revealing the shocking details behind her shiner.
  • “So, pretty much I’m someone just like everyone else. I don’t have a problem personally with anyone,” Perez explained.
  • “What I did was I stated my opinion online about the fight. I didn’t disrespect anyone; I didn’t talk about anyone.
  • But this irrelevant lady came up to me after I was opinionated about one of her fights, just talking about the performance that she did.”

The Manager’s Revelation: A Deeper Dive

Long-time MMA manager Alex Davis, present at the UFC Performance Institute during the incident, offered additional insights.

Perez’s coach, Javier Oyarzabal, was allegedly attempting to choke Edwards unconscious, adding another layer to the chaos.

“When I approached the cage, I saw Ailin and her coach on top of Joselyn, so I jumped in to break up the fight,” Davis explained. “I saw the male coach choking Joselyn with a rear-naked choke, and it was very deep — he was cranking on the choke.”

Unanswered Questions: Repercussions And Future

  • As the dust settles, questions loom about potential repercussions for the fighters involved in the brawl.
  • At present, there is no information on whether Perez and Edwards will face any consequences for their altercation.
  • Perez, with a 2-1 record in the UFC and riding a two-fight win streak, remains a rising star, while Edwards aims to bounce back after her three-fight win streak was snapped in September.
Ailin Perez
Ailin Perez(@cagesidepress)
  • The aftermath of this wild brawl adds an unexpected chapter to the narratives of these two bantamweights.

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Ailin Perez And Joselyn Edwards: The Brawl Incident, Injury, Accusations, Witnesses And Other Updates

In the aftermath of Ailin Perez’s victory at UFC Vegas 82, the MMA community was abuzz not just about her win but also the mysterious black eye she sported.

Perez claimed to have been assaulted by fellow bantamweight fighter Joselyne Edwards at the UFC Performance Institute before the fight.

However, recent revelations from an eyewitness shed light on the incident, painting a different picture

Unraveling The Brawl: Joselyn Edwards’ Perspective

The plot thickens as it’s revealed that UFC Bantamweight Joselyn Edwards was the one involved in the brawl.

According to, Edwards stated, “While we were fighting, her coach attacked me from behind. He was strangling me so that Ailin would hit me.”

Edwards, who recently underwent hand surgery, highlighted her vulnerability in the situation due to her casted hands, making self-defense difficult.

Unsettling Encounter: Assault And Determination

  • Perez narrated how the situation escalated, leading to a physical assault with the intention of forcing her withdrawal from the fight.
  • Undeterred, Perez not only fought but emerged victorious, crediting her coach for preventing more severe injuries during the assault.
  • “I want to thank my coach, who was there at the time of the assault because, if it wasn’t for him, I would have had much worse injuries,” Perez expressed.
  • “He was able to take her off me when she was assaulting me, and the fight probably would have been off if it wasn’t for my coach, who saved me.”
Joselyne Edwards
Joselyne Edwards(@tapology)

The Silent Battle Before The Roar

Entering the bout with a conspicuous black eye, Perez chose to initially remain silent about the pre-fight altercation.

However, the post-fight press conference became the platform where she courageously opened up about the alleged assault.

Intriguingly, she admitted to forgetting the identity of her assailant but insisted the incident took place at the UFC Performance Center.

Joselyne Edwards: Accusations And Allegations

Swiftly following Perez’s revelation, reports surfaced, pointing fingers at fellow UFC fighter Joselyne Edwards as the alleged assailant.

In a tweet from @MagicM_MMABets, the claim asserted, “Joselyne Edwards gave Ailin Perez the black eye and the cut at the PI.

Ailin’s coach punched Joselyne back and choked her out after. They had to pull the guy off her. Per sources.”

The Deafening Silence Of The UFC

Despite the gravity of the allegations, the UFC has yet to respond officially to this incident.

The silence from the organization leaves fans and the MMA community in suspense, eagerly awaiting a statement regarding the alleged assault at the hands of one of their own.

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