Aiden Fucci: What happened to Crystal Smith and Jason Fucci, the murderer parents of Tristyn Bailey?

Aiden Fucci: What happened to Crystal Smith and Jason Fucci, the murderer parents of Tristyn Bailey?

The 14-year-old suspect in the murder of cheerleader Tristyn Bailey who made headlines in 2021 will be charged as an adult. Aiden Fucci

A pretrial hearing for Fucci is planned on May 5. Fucci was previously charged with first-degree murder in the St. Johns County Courthouse. In November 2021, a trial was slated for him. On Sunday, May 9, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office detained Aiden Fucci, age 14.

According to WJXT, he is being detained at the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Daytona Beach.

On May 27, 2021, a grand jury voted to indict Aiden Fucci for first-degree murder after meeting in secret. When first-degree murder is alleged, the case is promptly transferred to adult court.

The only possible suspect in his classmate’s murder is the 14-year-old. In St. Johns, Florida, Aiden and Tristyn attended Patriot Oaks Academy.

How is Aiden Fucci doing?

Fucci will be charged as an adult in Bailey’s passing. A private grand jury accused Fucci with first-degree murder on Thursday, May 27.

Fucci will be entitled for a review at age 25 if given a life sentence due to his youth.

He will also receive specific benefits or accommodations due to his age at the time of the crime and the sentencing.

However, as of 2022, the young killer still appears to be in custody as more information has come to light.

The State Attorney described the choice to charge Fucci as an adult as “sad, but not difficult” during a press conference on May 27, 2021.

Where Are Crystal Smith & Jason Fucci, Aiden Fucci’s Parents, Currently?

A preliminary hearing is taking place in the St. Johns County Courthouse for Aiden Fucci, who will face adult charges for the murder of Tristyn Bailey.

His mother, Crystal Smith, was also anticipated in the court. There will be a pretrial hearing on February 2 at 9 a.m.

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Fucci’s mother, 35-year-old Crystal, was taken into custody on Saturday, June 5, for allegedly “tampering with evidence.”

Police claim that Crystal surrendered to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. His mother Crystal has been accused of tampering with the evidence.

February 2, 2022, will mark her second preliminary hearing. After the 14-year-old Fucci was questioned by authorities, Crystal was captured on a surveillance camera in her home cleaning her son’s trousers, according to WJXT.

However, it is unknown where Aiden’s parents are right now and what their circumstances are.

Tristyn Bailey Murder and Stabbing

After Bailey’s family reported her missing, her body was found. Although Fucci went to the same school as Bailey, little is known about whether or not they were acquainted.

In a Volusia County detention facility, Fucci appeared in court before Judge Richard Orfinger while wearing a dark sweatshirt.

A 16-hour search for the deceased teen began on Sunday at 10 a.m. when her family reported her missing.

The teenager accused of killing his schoolmate with many stab wounds showed up in court on Tuesday for a pretrial hearing more than a year after Tristyn Bailey, 13, was discovered brutally stabbed and killed in St. Johns County.

The discovery of Bailey’s body and the subsequent arrest of her classmate Aiden Fucci shocked Northeast Florida the day after she was found dead on Mother’s Day in 2021.

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