Adriana LaGrange: Profession, Relation With Monique LaGrange

Adriana LaGrange, Alberta’s Education Minister

In the realm of education, where young minds are shaped and nurtured, the role of the education minister holds immense power and responsibility.

It’s not just about curriculum choices; it’s about the values a society instills in its future generations.

Alberta’s education minister, Adriana LaGrange, has been at the center of controversy and discussion during her tenure.

Who is Adriana Lagrange?

Adriana LaGrange is a Canadian politician who gained prominence through her election in the 2019 Alberta general election.

She represents the electoral district of Red Deer-North within the 30th Alberta Legislature.

Originally hailing from Ontario, LaGrange relocated to Red Deer in 1981.

Her Political Career

Her political career took off when she was elected on April 16, 2019, and shortly thereafter, on April 30, 2019, she assumed the significant role of Minister of Education in Alberta.

During the 2019 Alberta general election, she emerged victorious in her constituency, securing 12,739 votes, with a substantial 62.6% voter turnout in Red Deer-North.

Adriana Lagrange’s Background

Born: Adriana LaGrange was born in either 1961 or 1962, making her approximately 61 to 62 years old at present. Her birthplace is Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Political Affiliation: She is associated with the United Conservative Party.

Residence: Adriana currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta.

Education: She holds a Diploma of Rehab Studies, reflecting her background in rehabilitation studies.

Early Life And Family

Adriana LaGrange, born as Adriana Dametto in Guelph, Ontario, grew up in a close-knit, faith-filled Italian family.

Her parents, Rina and Luigi, were immigrants who raised a family of six children.

One of Adriana’s brothers, Louie, was born with Down syndrome. Her experiences growing up with Louie deeply influenced her perspective on life and advocacy.

Adriana Lagrange
Adriana Lagrange(@Isntagram)

Education And Career

  • Unlike her predecessor, LaGrange is not a former teacher or an education expert.
  • Her educational background includes a diploma in “mental retardation counseling” from Humber College in Toronto.
  • She later described her field of study as “rehabilitative studies.”
  • After completing her education, LaGrange moved to Red Deer, Alberta, in the 1980s.
  • There, she met and married Darren LaGrange, a farmer, and the couple eventually had seven children.
  • During this time, LaGrange became actively involved in anti-abortion activism.
  • She played a significant role in organizing protests, engaging with the media, lobbying politicians, and contributing to newsletters opposing abortion rights.

Entry Into Politics

  • In 2019, LaGrange entered Alberta politics as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and was appointed as the Minister of Education by Premier Jason Kenney.
  • Her political career began with a commitment to safeguarding faith-based education, a cause she strongly supports.
  • However, it’s worth noting that her anti-abortion activism played a role in her political journey.
  • While LaGrange downplayed these views publicly, she received support from the anti-abortion activist group RightNow during her provincial campaign.
Adriana Lagrange
Adriana Lagrange(@Instagram)

Controversial Policies And Actions

LaGrange’s tenure as education minister has been marked by several controversial decisions and policy changes. One of the most contentious was the passage of the Education Amendment Act, also known as Bill 8, in 2019.

This legislation made significant changes to LGBTQ2S+ rights in schools, including removing the prohibition on parental notification when a student joins a gay-straight alliance club.

Furthermore, the bill allowed schools to keep their inclusivity policies secret and removed requirements for students to use terms like “gay” or “queer” in naming their clubs.

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Adriana LaGrange And Monique LaGrange Personal Life

In a recent social media debacle, Monique LaGrange, a trustee of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, has ignited a firestorm of controversy.

Her now-deleted post on Instagram, which compared LGBTQ pride to Nazi Germany, has left her facing potential dismissal from her position and has garnered widespread condemnation.

Adriana Lagrange
Adriana Lagrange(@Instagram)

A Controversial Post

On a day meant to celebrate diversity and inclusion, Monique LaGrange’s social media post took a dark turn.

Her since-deleted Instagram post featured an unsettling juxtaposition: children waving Nazi flags above children waving Pride flags.

The caption read, “Brainwashing is brainwashing.”

Adriana LaGrange Meeting Up With Executives


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A post shared by Adriana LaGrange (@adriana_lagrange)

Immediate Backlash

The post did not go unnoticed. Public outrage swiftly followed, prompting Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools to take action.

A special board meeting was convened to address this matter, focusing on the trustee code of conduct and related procedures in light of LaGrange’s post.

The School Board’s Response

Following the meeting, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools issued a news release confirming their stance.

They stated that an additional motion was passed to write to the Minister of Education, seeking the dismissal of trustee Monique LaGrange.

This action reflects the seriousness with which the school board regards this incident.

Monique Lagrange
Monique Lagrange(@cbc)

A Wider Fallout

The controversy didn’t end there. The Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association (ACSTA) board also took a decisive step by voting to remove LaGrange from her position as a director of the association.

ACSTA President Harry Salm expressed that her social media post was “unbecoming” of an ACSTA director and had the potential to undermine the charitable learning environment in Alberta’s Catholic school system.

Privatization And School Choice

Under LaGrange’s leadership, the Alberta government has removed the cap on the number of charter schools, allowing for more autonomy in educational programs.

This move has raised concerns about the privatization of education and the potential impact on the public education system.

Adriana LaGrange’s Journey

Adriana LaGrange’s journey from a Catholic school trustee to Alberta’s education minister has been marked by controversy, policy changes, and passionate advocacy for faith-based education.

Her impact on Alberta’s education system is undeniable, with decisions affecting LGBTQ2S+ rights, climate change education, and the rise of charter schools.

As education remains a cultural battleground, the role of individuals like Adriana LaGrange in shaping the future of young minds continues to be a subject of debate and discussion in Alberta.

Adriana Lagrange’s Career

Adriana LaGrange’s career has been diverse, spanning education, advocacy, and leadership.

She began with a diploma in Rehabilitation Studies from Humber College, working with individuals with disabilities.

Her career shifted into politics, where she held significant roles in Red Deer, including president of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association and trustee on the Red Deer Catholic School board.

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Adriana LaGrange: Relation With Monique LaGrange

Is Monique Lagrange Related to Adriana Lagrange?

  • The answer to this question is affirmative.
  • Yes, Monique Lagrange is indeed related to Adriana Lagrange. However, it’s essential to understand the nature of this relationship. Monique LaGrange’s connection to Adriana LaGrange is established through their shared familial ties.
  • Specifically, Monique LaGrange is a distant relative of Adriana LaGrange, who holds the position of the provincial Health Minister and previously served as a Red Deer Catholic trustee.
  • While this connection certainly signifies a family relationship, it’s important to note that it may not be a particularly close or immediate one. Nevertheless, their shared family background still links them in some capacity.
Adriana LaGrange And Monique LaGrange
Adriana LaGrange And Monique LaGrange(@fresherslive)

Who is Monique Lagrange?

Monique LaGrange is known as a board member of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, a position that places her in a significant role within the educational system of the Red Deer region.

She gained some attention when she posted an image on her Instagram page, although it’s worth noting that the post was subsequently removed.

Monique LaGrange Profession

Monique LaGrange has made a name for herself as a dedicated board member of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

Her role extends beyond the confines of the boardroom; she actively engages with the Red Deer community and addresses critical local issues.

Her influence came to the forefront when an image she posted on her Instagram page garnered significant attention from the LGBTQ2S+ community in Red Deer, showcasing her impact within the community.

A Noteworthy Connection

  • The connection between Monique LaGrange and Adriana LaGrange, though not extremely close, is noteworthy due to their shared familial ties.
  • Monique LaGrange’s role as a board member of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools and Adriana LaGrange’s position as the Minister of Education in Alberta showcase their influence and impact within their respective fields.
  • Despite the distance of their relationship, their shared family background links them in some capacity, underscoring the importance of family connections.

The Complexity Of Family Relationships

To delve further into the question of whether Monique and Adriana Lagrange share a family connection would require access to their private family histories, which are not typically disclosed to the public.

Therefore, it becomes challenging to conclusively state whether there exists a familial bond between them.

Active In The Red Deer community

It’s worth noting that in the realm of politics and community engagement, surprising connections and common acquaintances can often arise.

While Monique Lagrange and Adriana Lagrange may both be active in the Red Deer community, it’s essential to emphasize that their connection, if any, is likely related to their shared involvement in the same geographic area rather than being rooted in familial ties.

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