Adam Berry: Husband Ben Berry, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Relationship Timeline, Children, Dog Cheeto

Ben Berry, Adam Berry’s husband and the organization’s first artistic director, is an actor. Maria and Cheeto are the offspring of Ben and Adam

The American performer’s work on Kindred Spirits, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Hunters Academy is what makes him most well-known.

His interest in the paranormal was sparked by an incredibly unsettling experience in Gettysburg long before he had any plans to work in the entertainment industry.

The actor spent years studying and researching the topic in order to get answers. He also established a team with his partner in order to carry out investigations. They established the original Ghost Hunters television series under the name TAPS.

He serves as executive director of the nonprofit theatre company Peregrine Theatre Ensemble when he isn’t searching for ghosts.

Additionally, he serves on the board of trustees of Tim’s Fund for Creative Youth, a non-profit foundation that awards scholarships.

Adam Berry
Adam Berry

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Adam Berry: Husband Ben Berry

Ben Berry, Adam Berry’s husband, has worked as an actor in the entertainment industry since 2008. On August 22, 2012, Adam Berry and Ben Berry were united in marriage.

Ben was recognised as a talented student at Sheboygan North High School, which he attended. Ben was given the chance to enrol in the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program, where he studied acting with other budding stars.

In fact, he rose to prominence in the theatre, performing in off-Broadway productions, and even having the honour of singing during Tennessee Williams’ induction into the American Poet’s Corner.

Adam, another paranormal aficionado, and he were developing a romance at the same time. Tumblr posts from 2011 described them being engaged and walking down the aisle the following year.

They got two tiny dogs and took care of them instead of having kids, which was never their first priority. They were free to tour the country and look for answers to the important concerns of ghosts because they were not responsible for another person.

Ben Berry: Career

Ben Berry has broadened his horizons by working as a producer and an actor, but his most fulfilling accomplishment is serving as the Peregrine Theatre Ensemble’s first artistic director.

In 2012, the institution in Provincetown began operations, continuing to be centred on the birth of the Pilgrims’ first child in the New World. The business aimed to represent the same intensity and adventure of facing uncharted territory.

He was already working as an actor with Skylight Opera Theater, Sheboygan Theatre Company, and Guthrie Theater before he received his diploma from the esteemed school. He appeared in their productions of The Fantastic, Split, and A Christmas Carol between 1991 and 2006.

Additionally, he mentioned on LinkedIn that he spent a year as a wig specialist at the Rio City Music Hall, where he was trusted to assist with on-stage rapid changes and wig/beard care.

He performed in a variety of roles for numerous organisations over the years, including Counter Productions, Payomet Performing Arts Center, Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, and Payomet Performing Arts Center.

Before investing his mind, body, and soul into his company, he performed in his final productions with the Wellfleet Harbor Actors in 2015 under the direction of Christine Toy Johnson.

Adam Berry
Adam Berry

Adam Berry and Ben Berry: Relationship Timeline

Seventeen years have passed since Adam and Ben started dating. They are a good match for a relationship because they share comparable interests and occupations.

While most Hollywood weddings end within a few months, the couple has remained together, withstanding the passage of time’s attempts to wash their relationship aside. The couple is resilient and can handle any curveball life throws at them.

Ben and Adam first met 16 years ago.

Adam and Ben went on their first date on August 2, 2006, according to an Instagram post.

They remind each other to set aside 24 hours on this day, which is equally important to them as their anniversary.

As they explore into the world of movies while remaining devoted to their spouse, the emphasis on significant occasions emerges as a recurring theme throughout their relationship.

They did indeed charter a boat at Provincetown, Massachusetts, as they relished the blazing sun and still winds.

The Couple was wed. For Ben and his bride, August 22, 2012, will always be remembered as the day they exchanged vows. It was a lucky day.

The two wore floral taped above their breast pockets on matching three-piece suits with blue waistcoats. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen wore complementary hues, and their bouquet was light blue.

When the time was right, they ate cake and danced as the events remained seared into their memories. Ben wrote this spouse some sincere words on their tenth wedding anniversary, praising him as the only other lazy sloth in the world.

He was looking forward to more years with his dearest love, fellow life adventurer, and most notable friend, with whom he had spent the past ten years.

When one partner is a stylist, couples hardly ever need to hunt for a plus one to parties.

The two arrived at the Hawthorne Hotel in matching wolf masks, fur coats, and velvet coats in April 2022. The Chapters and Verses theme of the masquerade party was a triumph.

Adam Berry: Family

Everything works out in the end since Adams’s family is happy about his connection with Ben.

Since the actor is so likeable, they seem to love him more than Adam. The two met his aunts while on vacation at The Equinox Golf Resort and Spa in 2022.

During their dinner, the women found tranquilly as they caught up and laughed about their past.

Adam Berry
Adam Berry

Adam Berry: Children

No, we do not mean that they are parents, but keeping two energetic chihuahuas is just as difficult as caring for a newborn.

Maria and Cheeto, their two dogs, are the house royals and frequently go on their numerous business trips with them. The canines were kept warm, and he was wrapped in a scarf as they rang in 2023 in a beachfront home.

If you’re a fan of all things eerie, you’re not alone. We are huge fans of anything remotely supernatural and haunted, and we are grateful that the Travel Channel shares our fascination with ghosts.

Kindred Spirits is the most recent programme to air on their network, having previously made its debut on Destination America then moved to TLC for their second season.

Kindred Spirits, which is currently in Season 3, follows Adam Berry and Amy Bruni as they assist genuine families who are tortured by the ghosts of their deceased relatives across the nation.

You should watch this season’s new episodes of the Travel Channel on Thursdays at 10 p.m. if you’ve ever lived in a home you felt was haunted since they’re both frightful and emotive as well as relatable.

According to the plot of the show, Amy and Adam break into these homes to gather information, speak with the dead, and, perhaps, provide each family with closure.

But before you start scouring the internet for older episodes of Kindred Spirits, get to know the “fearless pair” team of paranormal investigators who help people make contact with the afterlife.

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Adam Berry: Ghost Hunters

You might recall Adam from his time spent on the Ghost Hunters squad of Syfy’s The Atlantic Paranormal Society before switching to Kindred Spirits.

When he’s not working on his TV programme or his cabaret ventures, Adam works as a real estate agent who specialises in haunted properties. He is also an actor and singer who owns a musical theatre in Massachusetts.

Which makes sense given that Adam is somewhat of an authority in the subject. His earliest paranormal encounters took place while he was young.

According to a biography on TLC, “Adam encountered a ghostly monster haunting his home when he was just 9 years old.” Adam was unable to escape the terrifying sound of the dog scratching at the wall since it appeared to be a threatening ghost dog.

But his interest in the paranormal didn’t really take off until 2006, several years later. The biography continues, “Adam had his most vivid experience in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.”

“He heard screams and loud gunfire, then he saw enormous white beings in a field. He immediately looked for paranormal sights and sounds, but there was no explanation for what he saw.”

As a result, his casual curiosity in investigating the paranormal evolved into a genuine obsession. In the beginning, he and his spouse Ben Berry co-founded the Provincetown Paranormal Research Society, which Syfy reports “started as a forum to debate paranormal occurrences and quickly moved to small-scale investigations.”

He later participated in Syfy’s Ghost Hunters Academy competition and won a position on the programme.

Adam and Amy have worked together since since they were Ghost Hunters.

On his website, Adam writes in the third person, “Adam likes to think he was awarded Amy Bruni as his prize because the two paired up and have since been a paranormal powerhouse.”

“Adam and Amy have the ability to relate to folks in the after-line with uncanny precision because they share similar views and personal preferences.

They have travelled the country, influencing people’s perceptions about ghosts and what occurs after we leave this mortal coil by focusing on assisting families and spirits alike.”

Adam Berry
Adam Berry

Adam Berry: Kindred Spirits

For a team whose day job is to hunt ghosts across America, Adam and Amy have exactly the kinds of Instagram accounts you’d anticipate.

Amy, on the other hand, tends to lean a little more toward the spooky stuff, with old photographs of sanitariums and the occasional deserted hotel.

Check out her Instagram profile here. Amy’s obsession with the paranormal may be explained by her side business, Strange Escapes, where she takes daring tourists on weekend-long trips to haunted locations.

Adam Berry: Dog Cheeto

Adam Berry and husband Ben Berry has a cute pet dog named Cheeto.


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Adam Berry: Trivia

  • Adam Berry was born in Essex, United Kingdom.
  • Adam Berry‘s birth sign is Aquarius.
  • His alternate name is Adam Humphreys.
  • He has graduated from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and The Drama Centre London.
  • He is an actor, most notably known for his work in Masks Don’t Lie (2022), Dead Lucky (2017), and Delicious(2013).
  • Adam has portrayed the role Liam of ‘Very Important People’, Lee of ‘Delicious’, and Neil Clemens of ‘Law & Order: UK’.
  • He could be found on Instagram under the username @adamberryactor.
  • His official website:

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