10 Interesting Facts About the Nebraska volleyball player Maisie Boesiger

College volleyball player Maisie Boesiger is a member of the University of Nebraska team that she competes for.

While Boesiger was a student at Norris High School, her mother, Christina Boesiger, volunteered as her volleyball coach. Under her tutelage, Boesiger developed into a formidable athlete in the sport.

The student-athlete made a commitment to continue her playing career at the University of Nebraska after graduating from Norris High School. She was named to the Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll in the spring of 2022 and was selected for the Tom Osborne Citizenship Team.

Maisie Boesiger
Maisie Boesiger

Quick Facts On Maisie Boesiger

Name Maisie Boesiger
Date of Birth September 7, 2003
Birthplace Firth, Nebraska, United States
Parents Christina Boesiger and Chris Boesiger
Siblings Malorie Boesiger
Height 5 feet and 6 inches

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Maisie Boesiger Height: How Tall Is The Athlete?

Maisie Boesiger, a volleyball player at the University of Nebraska, has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. In addition to that, he has a healthy weight for an athlete.

Following her graduation from Norris High School in 2022, Maisie will begin her studies at the University of Nebraska. The Norris High School volleyball player was selected to the third team for Super State in addition to receiving two all-state honours in Class B in the year 2020.

She was named to the all-tournament team after leading the Titans to a runner-up finish in the state tournament for the second year in a row during her senior season with the squad. In addition to that, the athlete participated in the Premier club programme, won 17 Open championships at Northern Lights, and tied for 11th place at the national competition.

There are ten things you should know about Maisie Boesiger, a volleyball player for Nebraska

How old is the athlete, Maisie? Maisie is how old?

The volleyball player is 19 years old and was born in the year 2003 in the community of Firth, which is located in the county of Lancaster, Nebraska, in the United States. Every year on September 7th, which falls under the sixth astrological sign of the zodiac Virgo, Maisie blows out the candles to honour the occasion of her birthday.

The volleyball coach Christina Boesiger is Boesiger’s mother. Boesiger is the coach’s daughter

Her cherished mother, Christina Boesiger, is a member of the Norris High School volleyball coaching staff. Maisie is one of the two daughters that Christina Boesiger has given birth to.

According to the information provided in Christina’s profile in the Norris School District, she attended Nebraska Wesleyan University in order to earn her undergraduate degree. In a similar vein, she graduated from Doane College with a degree in education and has been working as a teacher in the Norris School District since 1999.

Chris Boesiger is Maisie’s cherished paternal figure

Chris Boesiger, Maisie’s father, is a highly encouraging figure in her life. He has always encouraged her to perform to the best of her abilities and has been by her side through every stage of her life.

According to an Instagram post that his daughter wrote to wish him a happy birthday on May 23, 2020, Chris would drive his daughter to Omaha five days a week and pretend to like her music. This would take place on May 23. In addition, the volleyball player’s father is papa Boesiger, and she will be eternally glad to have her father as an ear to listen to her problems and a shoulder to weep on whenever she needs it.

There are four members in the Boesiger family

Her mother, father, and younger sister make up the other members of the Nebraska volleyball player’s thriving family unit. In addition to that, the Boesiger family is the proud owner of two gorgeous pets.

They spend valuable time together hanging out and travelling, and then post images from those experiences on social media so that they can continue to cherish them forever. Maisie is a family-oriented person, and she frequently uploads pictures of her parents and siblings. They both agree that Disneyland is one of the most magical places they’ve ever visited together.

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Maisie has a stunning sister, Malorie Boesiger

The fact that Maisie and Malorie Boesiger are able to get along swimmingly and have an unshakable friendship is a blessing that has been bestowed upon her during the course of her life.

Malorie is five years younger than her sister; she is currently 14 years old, was born in 2008, and celebrates her birthday on the 27th of August every year. The astrological sign Virgo is associated with her birthday.

On Instagram, the younger Boesiger may be found posting under the account @malorieboesiger; to date, she has 45 posts to her name. When the volleyball player announced her intention to play for Nebraska, she congratulated her and told her that she, too, has aspirations to play for Nebraska in the year 2027.

The Maisie’s home was a Christian one when she was growing up

According to His Huddle, the volleyball player is a Christian and she accepted Jesus Christ into her heart at a very young age. She saw the significance of developing a strong relationship with God early on in her life.

In addition, the verse Colossians 3:23, which reads, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart; working for the Lord, not for human masters,” is Boesiger’s favourite passage. The athlete has integrated this verse into her daily life to the point where she has even written it on the bottom of her shoes for volleyball and basketball.

Volleyball player Maisie Boesiger is dating boyfriend James Carnie

Although Maisie is not a virgin, her affections have been captured by James Carnie, a tight end for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. James is a student-athlete standing at 6 feet and 5 inches tall who registered for classes at Nebraska in the month of January 2021.

Both Boesiger and Carnie went to the same high school, Norris High School, and both planned to compete in athletics at the University of Nebraska, which is also where they both enrolled. Boesiger and Carnie had known each other for a number of years.

In 2019, the volleyball player and the footballer started posing together, and the volleyball player has posted many of the moments that she and the footballer spent together on her social networking sites. In the same vein, the tight end has not refrained himself from referring to the athlete as his girl at any point in time.

Instagram is a platform that Boesiger uses regularly

Maisie has established her official presence on social media by creating an account with the handle @maisieboesiger. She currently has 117 attachments to her posts.

The volleyball star uses Instagram to keep her fans up to date on her lifestyle and shares with them her philosophy of savouring every moment of life to the fullest without taking anything for granted. Additionally, as of the 25th of September 2022, Boesiger has amassed a total of 7.9 thousand followers.

There is also a Maisie on Twitter

Additionally, Boesiger has made her presence known on the social media platform Twitter. She signed up for the social networking site in August 2018 and has the name @boesiger maisie. As of right now, she has tweeted 211 times.

Similarly, Maisie has posted three photographs to social media and has 961 followers on the network. However, she publishes more frequently on her Instagram, and the most recent post she made there was on September 11, 2022.

Maisie Boesiger
Maisie Boesiger

A person who adores the beach is Boesiger

She spends a lot of time at the beach with her loved ones and friends, so it’s no surprise that the majority of the photographs that Maisie posts on her various social media platforms are absolutely breathtaking.

In March of 2022, she went to Makapu’u Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, and said that it was the place where her heart felt most complete. Similarly, the volleyball player has also been to Mantrap Lake, Cocoa Beach in Florida, Miramar Beach in Florida, and a great deal of other places.

Some FAQs

How tall is Maisie Boesiger’s height?

Maisie Boesiger is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. At 20, she has a decent weight of 135 lbs.

How old is Maisie Boesiger?

Born in 2002, Maisie Boesiger is 20 years old in 2022. Her hometown is Sterling, Illinois.

Who are Maisie Boesiger’s parents?

Maisie Boesiger was born to mother Christina Boesiger and dad Chris Boesiger. Her mom is a volleyball coach and mentor.

Who is Maisie Boesiger’s boyfriend?

Maisie Boesiger is dating boyfriend James Carnie, a football player. He plays a tight end for Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Does Maisie Boesiger have a sister?

Maisie Boesiger has a sister, Malorie Boesiger, her only sibling. The family also has 2 dogs, often photographed on Instagram.

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